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    If you want skrillex kind of stuff, forget about it, the virus is nowhere near the level of massive on those things. Or any really modern electro stuff for that matter..
    There are no modern mainstream electronic artists that use the virus for a reason.

    Sorry, but that is simply not true :thumbdown:

    I have my desktop racked too & yes it does take up 5u in the rack, I'm pretty sure it says that somewhere in the docs or the website but I can't find it right now. I've left the small gap at the bottom but some may prefer to leave the gap at the top if they'd rather not flip the connections to the rear.

    In Flabberbobs picture you can see the half rack space has been left at the bottom of the blanking plate.

    I'm having difficulty writing automation in Logic for the Xfade or Varislope filter frequencies, normally when I'm unsure of which parameter to write with I just change the automation mode to Latch then press play on the project & turn the knob to find the correct one to use - unfortunately this doesn't work for the new filter types.

    All the old Frequency Shifter filters still respond to their particular automation parameters but I've been unable to write anything for the new filter types frequencies, please help…

    Logic 9.1.7
    Mac OS 10.6.8
    Virus OS

    Notes play in time as I play them. On the roll they appear slightly ahead of time (play earlier that they should) and - when quantize is on - it might mess up the whole session... The setting of Logic is exactly as described in the manual, Virus runs 4.5.3 as well as the VC plugin.

    You should check out this really useful video from the guys over at Mac Pro Video, it goes into things far more comprehensively than I could on a post on a forum. You'll be amazed at just how interesting 6 hours of Latency based videos can be…

    Logic's Latency Toolbox

    You could use the Virus for drones, even more so now we have a couple of new envelopes to play with but I prefer to use something like Space Drone within Reaktor, then I'll resample it & layer it up with other time stretched ambient noise like playground sounds or traffic.

    Envelope mode is already unipolar, so by selecting it as unipolar in the mod matrix, you get the offset effect you described.

    Ok, that's fine if that's intentional, from now on I'll just select LFO x bipolar when modding the Filter Bank parameters whilst using envelope mode.

    Regarding the second effect (saw LFO in Env mode+unipolar) - I'm not sure of the maths behind it, but I found it pretty cool, actually, and trigger phase does affect the length of the pause before the drop.

    Potentially, this could prove to be a useful little trick you've discovered there, Ruari :thumbup:

    I'm glad you like it, if it's here to stay I'll play around with it some more too. I like these kind of brain storming sessions.

    Thanks Ben 8)

    Ok, so today I've been having another look at the Virus new OS & seeing as we can't use Envelopes 3 or 4 to modulate the new Filter Bank parameters I thought I would try to use a triangle LFO in Envelope Mode as per the suggestions elsewhere. When I first set it up in the mod matrix I thought that something wasn't quite right so since then I've been doing some experimenting using Osc x Pitch as the destination as it's easier to hear what's happening.

    An example you can try if you want to hear this for yourself is to set up osc1 to sound by itself & using the mod matrix route LFO 2 unipolar (set to square) to osc 1 pitch +10. When I press a key the modulation keeps the original pitch & jumps to the second pitch as in Ben's Bootcamp video, if I then activate Env Mode instead of the original pitch I get an offset pitch & the same second pitch as before. To get the lfo to complete 1 cycle & sound the same as LFO 2 unipolar when not in envelope mode, I need to set the mod matrix source to LFO 2 bipolar & activate Env Mode.

    An even stranger thing happens if you change the shape of LFO 2 (still in envelope mode) to a sawtooth, slow the rate to about 30 so it becomes really obvious what's happening. In bipolar mode as soon as you hit a key on the keyboard the pitch starts to drop, kind of as you would expect it to do apart from the pitch issue described above. Now change the source to LFO 2 unipolar & hit the same key, when I do this the pitch sticks at the higher pitch for a period of time then starts to drop. Setting the trigger phase of the LFO seems to make no difference, the pitch still sticks before dropping.

    It's very possible I'm mis-reading what I think should be happening here but I can't see why the behaviour of the LFOs should change just by activating envelope mode, I was expecting things to remain the same but only give me one cycle.

    Am I missing something here?