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    I haven't got around to Logic 9 yet but I can report that Logic 8 and my Virus TI keyboard work seamlessly together. I can empathise with your frustration but rest assured, the problems you see will get resolved eventually. The fact that it works OK with Cubase 6 does rather points the finger of blame at Logic 9 in my opinion. Are you up to date with your Logic 9 patches? Have you tried reporting the issue to Apple or raised the issue on the excellent Logic users forum? You might just find there is already a solution or workaround out there.

    OK, I have solved the problem of the Random Full Modulation!
    Here is the reason: I didn't have any expression pedal plugged into the control pedal socket - but - under menu 'Edit Config', 'Keyboard 4/5' the Control Pedal was set to Modulation. Normally this shouldn't be a problem but because my Virus TI is a few years old, the contacts in the socket are probably a bit dirty. Whenever the right amount of movement caused the contacts in the socket to move slightly, this was interpreted as a pedal full on and hence the randomness of the issue.

    Solution is: if you don't have anything conected to the Control input socket, turn OFF the Control Pedal in Config. You could also try cleaning the contacts a bit!!

    Marc, I have tried this again and would you believe it is all working as expected. I can't figure out what has changed except my Virus TI keyboard has been switched off and on again since I wrote the post. Another thing I can't explain is that Patch ROM A-71 PizzArp BC doesn't have the Arp HOLD switched on, but I can assure you it was behaving like it did when I was going through the patches before! If it happens again I'll try and analyse it better and let you know.

    I have a Virus TI keyboard. If I select a Patch with an arpeggiator held, for example ROM A-71 PizzArp BC, when I play a note, it does it's funky stuff but then if I increment to another patch up or down, the arpeggiator sound of A-71 continues! In fact the only way to stop it is if I return to A-71 and press the ARP ON button. Shouldn't the arpeggiator stop when you change patches?

    I am currently running the latest OS


    Thanks for your reply. The Virus keyboard is being used standalone with only a sustain pedal connected. Nothing is connected to the control pedal or MIDI/USB inputs.

    Perhaps the thing I have noticed is that the random full modulation appears to happen more often soon after switch-on, but can happen at any time. It's so annoying and really spoils the fun of owning such an otherwise fantastic synth.

    I'm considering opening it up and seeing if there are any connectors that need cleaning as in my experiences it 'feels' like more of a hardware type concern than software; but who knows?



    Thanks for the reply. I have searched around the internet and have seen that some other users have had the same problem but nobody has mentioned a workaround. Have you heard of this issue before? I would like to help fault-find it for you if you have any suggestions of things I could try.

    I have recently bought a secondhand Virus TI keyboard and I updated it to the latest beta level last week.
    The problem I have is that when playing some patches it will randomly switch on full pitch modulation just as if I'd pushed the mod wheel full on! Is this a software bug? I can't see I'm doing anything to cause this? There doesn't seem to be any pattern as to when it will happen but makes it unusable live.