Arpeggiator hold bug

  • I have a Virus TI keyboard. If I select a Patch with an arpeggiator held, for example ROM A-71 PizzArp BC, when I play a note, it does it's funky stuff but then if I increment to another patch up or down, the arpeggiator sound of A-71 continues! In fact the only way to stop it is if I return to A-71 and press the ARP ON button. Shouldn't the arpeggiator stop when you change patches?

    I am currently running the latest OS

  • Marc, I have tried this again and would you believe it is all working as expected. I can't figure out what has changed except my Virus TI keyboard has been switched off and on again since I wrote the post. Another thing I can't explain is that Patch ROM A-71 PizzArp BC doesn't have the Arp HOLD switched on, but I can assure you it was behaving like it did when I was going through the patches before! If it happens again I'll try and analyse it better and let you know.