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    a Copy Parameters Section can be usefull
    it means with this function you will be able to copy one of the parameters sections in (OSC,FILTER,LFO,MATRIX,FX,...) from a patch to other patches

    Thank you AccesS Team

    We have this already in the form of Section Locking

    The problem with modulating patch efx with polyphonic sources is that it causes artefacts like clicking, because each successive voice supersedes the previous state. Think about how this works when you play a chord or a fast arpeggio, especially with a long release tail - only one envelope can modulate the distortion at any given time, so the result is often not good. It can, however, work quite nicely on monophonic patches...

    [whispers]....have you tried using the LFO's instead?[/whispers] ;)

    You need to have the target oscillator set to Classic mode and Shape set somewhere between Spectral Wave and Saw for this to have any effect. It doesn't work if the oscillator is in Wavetable mode - this is by intention, and is not a bug.

    It's "MWQuant BC"

    ROM-B 67 in the TI2. Similar location in ROM-A in the TI

    To get the effect you hear in the demo, you have to move the modwheel - this sweeps the wavetables, but quantised to 1/16th notes by the Smooth parameter.

    It does make it to both extremes - check it out with a square LFO, and you should hear that this is the case. If you want to make the modulation even steeper though, which can help to emphasise the time spent at the extremes, you could always assign LFO>Phaser Frequency twice...