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    This issue is easily resolvable, the problem is actually with USB 2 which does not have enough bandwidth to both sync midi, run automation, update VST Virus Display, and stream audio to and from the Ti. Simply use the analogue outputs on your virus and patch it into your DAW sound interface. The when you launch the VST interface be sure to configure all patches to go out audio ports of the Ti and shut off the surround outputs. With the Ti set up to only have midi over USB Arp lines are very stable and don't loose timing. You may also need to adjust your daw ASIO delay compensation and Midi Note Cache.

    I am having a similar issue with only two patches loaded, well two double super saw and 4 extra voices w/rebverb and delay. I am a bit miffed cause i have ti1 and got a ti2 because it was supposed to have more polyphony/voices. (It does not seem to though)

    I was having similar issues but was able to resolve it. My issue was actually a faulty USB Driver which is shipped with Win7 and could not be updated for some reason. Upgrading to Win 8 (and installing dedicated USB PCI card that does not use internal hubs) has seemed to fixed most issues. (Knocks on Wood). What DAW environment are you working in?