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    Bump. Have had this problem since 2013.

    Ridiculous. Going to bump every day until it is fixed. If you ban me I will spend the rest of my days trashing your products. I am fucking done.


    WINDOWS 7 64 BIT

    Heard it many times. Any fix on the BSOD during firmware update? Has anyone fixed this yet? Workaround? I am not reinstalling my OS for 1 synth.

    If you search Propellerheads forums you can find out how to use VST's inside of reason. It is a very easy workaround. Had Massive running in reason 7 20 minutes after it was released.

    @ Muzicmann

    If you aren't having issues with 5 doesn't mean there isn't something wrong with it and it's peoples computers. If something won't install it isn't because there are extra system files LOL are you new at computers?

    I am also having issues on a WIN7 PC 64bit machine. Still can't install 5, no update to the installer. I am now hoping the next update will install. 4.5.3 is what I am running now, I think. Poor quality. Updates is what we paid extra $ for this synth. I used to get a blue screen of death when updating firmware, now it just freezes, otherwise this computer is rock solid. Every few months I come back to download and try and install thinking they fixed it. NOPE!

    I have been warning all my producer friends to stay away from the Virus because of this.

    I was having trouble with 4.5.3 with my brand new Windows 7 Professional 64 bit computer with an Asus motherboard/mainboard (mobo) and My Access Virus Ti 1 (61). I got a blue screen of death (BSOD) on every USB port I tried during the Audio Driver Installation. I really didn't care about the audio driver. But since I wanted to use it as a midi controller I couldn't because it would crash before the MIDI driver install. I was able to go into my Device Manager and have windows search my windows (C: on my machine) drive for the driver of the 'uknown midi device' by having it install that way. But on both 4.5.3 and 5 the audio driver would not install. I am using 4.5.3 as of now without the ability to use it as an audio device (I guess I could be on 5.. but I choose to be on at least a half stable release).

    I wrote this out specifically this way to catch some keywords, since I couldn't initially find a fix for this issue. I also thought it would be appropriate for this thread since no, I cannot get 5 to work in the same matter, nor does 5 fix the issue! This was a brand new computer using ultra popular parts using a very popular and fully updated OS. Pretty sad this is happening. My motherboard has a grip of both 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports and buses.

    Way too expensive piece of gear to have this many issues. No, I will not write a ticket, this fix should be on the forum on in a knowledge base.