TI Software ???

  • who needs Reason if you have a Virus :o) (joking, i have Reason, and its a good combo really_

    no... Reason is never going to support VSTs.

    I use Live as the host, which means I can use VC, then rewire into reason.
    but you could do the same with many hosts these days.

    of course if/when you don't need the editor, then you can use the Virus via usb/midi directly into reason.

  • If you search Propellerheads forums you can find out how to use VST's inside of reason. It is a very easy workaround. Had Massive running in reason 7 20 minutes after it was released.

  • djstingray, sorry but this is inaccurate and misleading…

    you cannot host a VST within reason… it is NOT a vst host (or audio unit host).
    I hear you cry " but these videos show massive being run in reason!" … no they don't…

    what they show is an external VST host (google for free ones, or use a daw) then the midi and audio is routed to/from reason…
    quite a few options for routing midi/audio:
    a) midi … direct connection, or virtual connection via IAC (or windows equivalents)
    b) audio … direction connection (audio interface) or virtual connection (e.g. Jack, or Soundflower)

    there are quite a few differences between this approach and hosting the vst, cpu/latency/no pdc etc etc

    I find the best way if you want to use VSTs and Reason (and who doesn't!) ,
    is to use another daw, and then use that daw as the rewire master and reason as a rewire slave.
    (most modern daws can act as rewire hosts)

    as I said, Id be amazed if Propellerhead ever support VST/AU, as it would overnight destroy the market for rack extensions.