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    I've searched the forum and found comments with links to a thread where Marc describes how to find your serial number...
    However the links aren't working... Here's one I've found:

    Can anyone help?

    How do I lock the arp to the beat? It's currently retriggering every time I play a note. So if I set to 1/4, and play on the 'and/upbeat', it's triggering on the 'and'. I'm synced to Ableton, tried via VC and 5pin.

    What is the sysex command for "Part Enable" within a Multi?

    I've searched the forum up and down, as well as google... The Virus C sysex implementation isn't working on the TI for this variable. I also found the sysex pdf that Marc posted for the TI, but it doesn't list anything about Multis.

    Hey Everyone,
    Today I connected a Nord Piano(Midi out) to my Polar(midi in) via midi. I began playing the Nord which was also triggering a pad on the Virus. Everything was good until I moved one of the control knobs on the Nord. The pad on my Polar started modulating. After a little experimentation, it seemed that Nord encoder was sending midi cc to the Polar controlling the LFO amount to pitch. Is there a way to block incoming midi CC information? I need to be able to control the knobs individually while triggering sounds together.

    -I've tried searching the forums and google, but its difficult with such broad terms: midi cc, knobs, disable. Haha.


    I'm in the US.
    I believe the Polar's power supply is built in. The one in the above link, the connection to the TI is correct, but the other part is a power supply. I looked at Fry's (a local electronic store) and found a black 4ft cable that looks like it will work. However, I haven't been able to find a white one.

    I just snagged a used Virus TI Polar. The guy didn't the original power cable. The one he gave me is probably 2 feet long and black. So its short and doesn't match.
    I can't seem to find any other posts or information on replacement power cables. Any suggestions?