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    Anyone have greater success with the latest Aura plug-in update? I personally had a lot of issues with midi timing and latency while using their plug-in and that appears to be a highlight of this latest release. I haven't had a chance to test myself, since I went back using the Virus TI as a 'normal' synth.

    The latest update does not work for me. The graphics are great but recalling settings in Logic Pro 10.8 is completely screwed up. Idem in Reason and Cubase. The last stable release is: v3.0.0-build-9024.

    Several others including me have tried so already, with mixed results, but why don't you try it out yourself and share your findings?

    Still nothing from Access, but the third-party success is making them look even worse… I’m eager to try out the MI solution when I get to a new machine. I’ve been stuck on an old iMac for a long time now and it’s painful to be stuck in old software, even as I lament the loss of software and drivers for hardware in abandoned products like so many that I own…

    I feel ya. The Virus TI has been a staple in my productions since 2014 and since there’s no way to open them on newer Macs I kept my old INTEL Macbook for this.

    The way forward with Apple is Apple Silicon, and MI / Auraplugins is currently the only workable solution on there.

    If you choose to stay with Mac, at some point you’ll have to update, so you might as well get used to using MI.

    I myself will probably ditch the Virus completely at some point, as I’m now emulating a Virus B. The M1 Macs are fast enough for this. :)

    Is installing Windows O/S as a secondary boot option on your mac out of the question ? I wonder if that would work for the mac users...

    You wouldn’t be able to load it as a VST within your DAW on MacOS. Might as well completely switch to PC then, but for some that’s out of the question.

    Thankfully there’s a solution: Virus HE by Mystery-Islands / Auraplugins. I’ve been using it for close to 2,5 years now. No looking back.

    I have a solution. Get a second Mac, install Mac OS Mojave. Connect Virus with USB only to this second computer and install the Plugin as usual. Install Logic Pro and make 1 software track with Virus Plugin. Choose main output as AUDIO. On this secondary Mac don't choose Virus as a main Audio interface (select Mac' default in and out), disable in logic all sync options to Virus Ti, select same SampleRate as on the primary Mac. Now, on your primary Mac use MIDI track to send midi notes to Virus as via simple MIDI cable (DIN) and get back Into audio interface MAIN AUDIO OUTs of your Virus.

    So, the idea is that with primary computer you use midi and audio of your Virus and on secondary computer you use only Plugin Sound Editing and presets management. Just make sure Secondary computer does not try to send to Virus any kind of sync signals via USB. I have tested and all works fine. See photo.

    I can confirm this works but it’s too much tinkering for a fast and solid workflow. You'd still need some sort of a preset manager to load the settings of your Virus, otherwise it’s just too much hassle opening different projects.

    and what about arpeggiator? is everything work properly? I can't get it to work in sync, the notes don't hit in time, I always hear some delay...

    Every note is perfectly hitting on time. Just make sure to enter the right amount of pre-day on your midi channel.

    On my particular setup I have the I/O buffer set to 512 samples, which means I have about a 19 ms round trip delay, so my midi channels are all pre-delayed by -19ms.

    Oh really! So what's the difference between this plugin and the original Virus TI plugin? No USB audio?

    It has all the features of the TI plugin.

    I haven’t gotten USB audio to work, but up until now using midi and + (balanced) audio cables works absolutely perfect within Logic. No more latency problems either. using midi, Logic Pro hits the notes very tightly.

    I am considering buying a newer Virus (Ti Polar or Darkstar) and I just noticed this picture on the site:

    It is an Apple computer :). Could this mean that the Total Integration software will work on the latest MacOS versions soon? Otherwise I will consider the Mystery Islands version that seems to be a good alternative.

    That's a very old iMac. And no. I would not count on it. Just get VirusHC or CTRLR & never look back.

    Tried it out again today. The current version of Logic Pro (10.7.3) will simply tell you it'll only take Audio Unit Version 3 plugins during validation, so that will never work, but today I found an old backup of Logic Pro X 10.5.1, which amazingly still runs fine on my M1.

    This is what the validation report says:

    validating Audio Unit Virus TI by Access:

    AU Validation Tool
    Version: 1.10.0
    Copyright 2003-2019, Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    Specify -h (-help) for command options

    VALIDATING AUDIO UNIT: 'aumu' - 'VCP ' - 'AccS'
    Manufacturer String: Access
    AudioUnit Name: Virus TI
    Component Version: 5.1.7 (0x50107)

    * * PASS
    2022-04-03 17:49:46.978 auvaltool[6536:250581] Error loading /Library/Application Support/Access Music/Virus TI/Common/Virus Control.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Virus Control: dlopen(/Library/Application Support/Access Music/Virus TI/Common/Virus Control.bundle/Contents/MacOS/Virus Control, 0x0106): Symbol not found: _AudioHardwareClaimAudioDeviceID
    Referenced from: /Library/Application Support/Access Music/Virus TI/Common/libVirusUSB.dylib
    Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreAudio.framework/Versions/A/CoreAudio
    Time to open AudioUnit: 6.666 ms

    validation result: crashed validation

    I've checked and the files inside /Library/Application Support/Access Music/Virus TI/ are actually there so I am not sure why it can't open these files..

    The CoreAudio folder in /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreAudio.framework/Versions/A/CoreAudio does not exist.

    This is to be expected since Apple has closed off the System folder since macOS Big Sur.. I tried disabling SIP and manually adding the file but it's not possible. Maybe if I install MacOS on an external drive I can.

    The Virus Control plugin is available as VST3 for several years now. Maybe you haven’t installed it or disabled it in Cubase.

    My point which you seemed to have missed completely is that there's really no point in beating this dead horse. Even if you magically get it to work on say Catalina or Big Sur for Intel (forget about M1), this is only temporary since Apple has now moved on. All I say is don't wait for a solution if you actually depend on your Virus in your productions. If not, you can always switch to another soft synth.

    But hey, do you own an M1 Mac? You are totally welcome to try and post your results. Which would actually be more helpful to the community.

    And to answer your question, yes, I have and I have. On MacOS Big Sur Cubase actually still enabled the VST3 version by default but it would crash Cubase on open. On MacOS Monterey it won't even recognize it as a plugin even though it's still in the VST 3 folder.

    Update: MacOS 12.3 now recognizes the Virus TI as an external sound card. That means Audio through USB in MacOS will work flawlessly.

    For those already getting their hopes up I am sorry to enlighten you.

    The plugin will not work on Logic Pro, since Apple has now moved on to Audio Unit version 3 and the Virus TI plugin is an AU version 2 plugin.

    That means no amount of clever hacking will make this ever work.

    Cubase 10.5 to Cubase 12 still blacklist the plugins as well for unknown reasons even though they have not started their VST2 obsoletion, although next year they will. Now not only the driver, but even the software and plugin is too old to run on MacOS.

    if you actually depend on your Virus for your productions my advice stays the same: just get yourself a good midi editor which auto-saves the plugin state per project. I am not sponsored by Mystery Islands, but at the moment VirusHC really is the best solution. There are some other midi editors out there such as CTRLR, but your milage may vary. Other solutions such as virtualizing or running the Virus through an older PC/Mac may work, but are really too complicated for a fast workflow you can rely on.

    Actually one of the first things I tested when I got my M1 Mac in March last year.. Also came across that link.. unfortunately the plugin still crashes during validation because of some (system) library reference that doesn't exist on MacOS Big Sur and later.. Since the library and system folders are completely non-writable even with SIP turned off there's no way to get around that..

    As long as your DAW sees the MIDI in and OUT of your midi interface it's fine. It doesn't have to ''know'' what synth you have connected.

    Maybe not for you. But using classic MIDI cables introduces pretty significant timing inaccuracies, especially when playing back sequences for multiple parts.

    Original MIDI is very slow and every chord is actually an arpeggio. With sample based sounds (e.g. drums) you can hear the phase shifts and sometimes even a flams depending on the number of notes being played simultaneously.

    hmm. What sequencer are you using?

    I use Logic Pro X, have my buffer set to 512 samples, which is around 18 ms and I always pre delay my midi channels to -18ms. Midi is always spot on. And believe me, I've did some extended testing. Of course the Virus can get a bit sloppy when running super maxed out patches (I'm talking 8 x unison + 2 maxed out hypersaws) but this has nothing to do with the actual midi signal..