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    I'm a registered Virus owner. I used to be able to post threads and reply on this forum, but for some reason my account is now showing as "registered" but NOT a Virus owner. How can I resolve that so I can post?

    Recently acquired a TI2 with keyboard which I had been wanting for a while. As such, I've got my TI2 Desktop Whiteout Limited Edition (only 100 made, apparently) for sale. Listing at $1900 but open to offers. Never gigged, only used in home studio, kept with a dust cover. Basically near-new condition, with a couple of tiny scratches on the left side. Will ship to continental US only. Gorgeous synth, sad to see it go, and want it to find a good home. Make an offer! :)

    P.S. Happy to send more pics as well.

    How do you keep Virus TI tempo-synced? I'm using Ableton Live 10 (yay) and my TI2 desktop with the Virus TI plugin. As with all previous versions of Ableton, the Virus works so-so when it comes to keeping its tempo synced.

    If I have a pattern (say, three quantized 16th notes in quick succession) that play every 2 measures, Virus cannot keep in sync and play those notes on time (quantized). It's as if during the long pause between notes, it loses its tempo sync.

    I've resorted to playing a dummy MIDI clip to send quarter notes to the Virus, to a dummy voice that doesn't output any audio, to keep it in sync. Is this really the only way to keep Virus TI in sync?

    Upon spending more time with this, I have found that this is a completely reproducible issue. When the Virus has stopped receiving MIDI for a brief time, the next note does not "hit" right away. Anyone from Access have tips?

    I'm having trouble keeping Virus TI synced with my host. The attached image pretty clearly shows the problem. The synth may be playing in time for awhile, but given a pause (e.g. a measure without any MIDI being sent) it quickly gets out of sync. The first MIDI note after that pause will be out of time, and then the Virus manages to get itself back together. Tips, thoughts?

    (The Virus is connected directly by USB to my MacBook Pro and is being used as a synth only, not as an audio interface.)

    This is a posting about an issue that I've had for a long time. I've gone through the official Access support troubleshooting—including wiping and re-updating the Virus, reinstalling DAW and plugin, etc. These have not resolved the issue. I want to know if others have encountered this too, and whether you've found culprits or solutions. My expectation is that this issue is due to the low level engineering/programming of the USB driver (which I believe Access outsources) being of poor quality. Access has a somewhat smug and antagonistic approach to technical support, usually saying that everything is perfect on their end, but it's clear that many of us have issues with their synths and software. Caveat: The synth itself is beautiful. I wish Access would provide more honest, humble, and productive support—including more frequent and timely updates.

    The issue:
    After some time, MIDI routed to the Virus through the Virus TI plugin stops producing the expected synth sound, and instead plays static noise.
    This affects all inputs and outputs. For all intents and purposes, the synth is useless at that point, just playing loud static.
    There's no obvious trigger or steps to reproduce.
    This happens regularly, but not on a schedule or due to any particular action.
    Sometimes, if I just leave my DAW and synth for an hour totally idle and come back to it, playing notes will result in the static.
    The problem can usually be resolved just by unplugging the USB cable, plugging it back in, and waiting for Virus TI to reload. However, that is obviously not helpful when working on music or playing live.

    For the record, my setup:
    MacBook Pro mid-2012, Mac OS X 10.8.5 (but this has happened with all prior versions of OS X)
    8GB RAM, 256GB SSD HD
    Virus TI2 desktop connected directly to MacBook Pro
    Ableton Live 9.6.2 (but this has happened with all prior versions of Ableton Live)
    Virus TI OS 5.10.0, Virus TI Control 5.10.0
    Access Audio Driver, Library and Host Interface
    Access MIDI Driver

    I'm having a problem that others seem to have had but not gotten responses/solutions to.

    My TI2 Desktop suddenly, after working fine last night, won't work properly tonight. Virus is standalone, no USB/DAW. Just a midi controller and the virus. It interprets notes played as at the wrong octave, and sustains notes endlessly. Panic usually, but doesn't always, shut the notes off. OS 5.0.3. Nothing at all has changed in my setup. WTF? This is a very expensive brick at the moment…

    This is also happening with the Virus when connected by USB into Ableton. Every note is sustained. Now it's a really expensive REAL brick. W T F.

    EDIT 2
    Updated to 5.0.4. Same problem. Factory reset. Same problem.

    Yes, I have experienced similar problems, especially when starting/restarting playback frequently. I don't usually have to wait 5 seconds. :) But there *could* be some USB/MIDI traffic issue which causes late signaling? I don't know. Either way, I've gotten used to the workaround.

    I would say that, in general, the Virus is a killer synth with a very unreliable USB connection and driver. Not sure why, but it's definitely… well, unreliable. :D