Ableton and Virus *sometimes* out of sync

  • Hi,

    When I start playback in Ableton Live 9, sometimes the Virus will play out of sync, like half a second too late. I then have to stop, wait like 5 seconds, and then play back again. Then everything will be perfectly in sync.

    This happens with random frequency, but today I'm having this issue probably at least every third time I press play or something.

    Has anyone experienced anything like it, and have any tips?

  • Yes, I have experienced similar problems, especially when starting/restarting playback frequently. I don't usually have to wait 5 seconds. :) But there *could* be some USB/MIDI traffic issue which causes late signaling? I don't know. Either way, I've gotten used to the workaround.

    I would say that, in general, the Virus is a killer synth with a very unreliable USB connection and driver. Not sure why, but it's definitely… well, unreliable. :D