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    Sequencer mode's great. It's essentially a standalone TI mode, albeit one that doesn't save (you have to dump a sysex 'arrangement' to save the seq mode settings). Though it'll save the last used seq mode settings when you power down, I think.

    This is why a lack of non USB TI editor is frustrating -- it's all there in the synth, just needs a purely MIDI version of Virus Control for snapshot/recall. It'd be a perfect way to step over the TI USB timing issues completely.

    I agree, it's frustrating when just removing the soundcard/audio streaming element from VC would help immensely (I say 'just', perhaps it's not that simple). Making VC a control-only VST would fix so many issues.

    After recently installing Win 10 I thought I'd try plugging the USB in and seeing how it fared, but after half an hour VC decided to go haywire, spitting MIDI notes out at random. Nope -- back to MIDI and SPDIF for me.

    You can't, sadly. I've no idea why not, but it'll always reset to 'local on' when you cycle power.

    Was reminded of this after decided to do without TI functionality and stick to MIDI. I've gotten into the habit of switching it when I load up my sequencer, but it's still rather annoying to have to do this every time.

    Sadly I'd agree. I've stopped using VC, and just run it via MIDI and SPDIF (with Virus as clock master -- the only way to not get clicks through SPDIF).

    If they ever release a non audio VC I'll take another look, but for now I'll program patches on the synth itself.

    Yes, happens to me quite often too (C7.5.30). Seems to me that Cubase is sometimes a bit fragile while waiting for the Virus to cooperate during project loading. It's impossible to confirm a specific issue though, as sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Wish I could tell what the precise issue was.

    sorry, if this is all very clear to you, but i think others like me, just assume you plug the 2 spdif cables in, set it to slave, and it just works… so its useful for us to know this is not the case, and what the correct usage is.
    thanks for your patience :)

    Yeah, sadly the Virus doesn't appear to clock properly to SPDIF input, making it impossible to integrate this into a digital studio running off a central clock, without clicks and pops occurring.

    Do you by any chance also get the "Clock problem at SPDIF Input" message when trying to config the audio clock?

    My UC shows that the Virus keeps losing clock sync -- the SPDIF light flashes every few seconds. I believe the Virus to be the problem, as it doesn't slave correctly to incoming SPDIF at present. Makes it difficult to use the digital input if it won't play nice with the rest of the setup's slave-clocked gear!

    If you're going to use your host's freeze function, go with 3. I've been going with 3 in Cubase, and haven't noticed a difference in its general use (sadly! Still get the timing problems.).

    I know this is an old post, but for the benefit of any newcomers, I notice that using certain browsers means that you have to click on the '+' button to expand the threads. It's easy to miss, and I'd been caught out with it for a while!