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    Since I don't want to uninstall everything Access, just a last question: If I haven't installed anything at all from the driver/installer package, will the Virus be able to send/receive USB MIDI aka is it class compliant without drivers.

    Yes, at least just an usb midi device, class compliant or with Catalina driver, would be great !

    A stripped version of the plugin editor without audio would allow us to wait until usb audio is ready for Catalina.

    I'm remembering having already ask for about the same in a feature request thread more than 10 years ago while usb audio was not very stable.

    I would like to see a future update including Midi MPE mode allowing the use of the Virus TI with MPE controller.
    It’s already possible to play MPE with duplicate patch on all 16 midi channels, but sound editing is very limited because of the number of copy and paste required after a parameter change...

    aas, in which way is this a problem?

    best, marc

    Marc, sorry for my late answer...

    when I say Virus audio isn't the main audio interface, I mean we never record Virus output using its audio usb.
    In a very simple setup, basically when people only owns a Virus and a computer, it's working perfectly, I agree.

    But in pro environment (or just in a larger setup) we record Virus audio via other machines (let say tube stages, and so on..) to the main audio interface (not Virus in that case) inputs.
    Moreover, when we launch Virus VSTi, usb have to be dedicated to an usb port on computer (i.e. not connected to usb hub) otherwise VSTi is locked, and I can imagine the main reason is for better audio streaming between computer and Virus.

    In conclusion, I would want to be able to start VSTi when Virus is behind a usb hub, in order to be able to edit Virus programs / performances / libraries, but with disabled usb audio .

    I hope it's clear now.



    it would be nice to be able to control Virus, with standalone or VST plugin but without usb audio.

    In every studio session I worked with Virus, we deal too much with usb audio :
    - because Virus usb audio isn't the main audio interface
    - because Virus usb audio requires to be connected directly to the computer usb port (no hub = need to disconnect all other equipment !)

    Best regards.