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    I sent tech support a Logic project, a description of the specific sync/dropout/glitch/latency kind of problems I was getting, plus mp3s of the problems happening so they could hear what was going on at my end, but tech support and the R+D dept apparently could under no circumstances replicate them.

    I'm not doing anything wrong support told me not to bother getting the dedicated USB card (I'm on one of the latest intel 8 core macs and only have basic usb devices connected) I have the latest OS, the latest everything, everything set right apart from the I/O buffer size which is set at 256 and not 64 like they suggested but didnt make any difference anyway.

    So my question is so many other people are having these problems ...what on earth are the tech support guys doing that we are not to have such perfect results ?

    Hi Timo

    Yes my ilok and syncroft usb keys plus keyboard and mouse are on a 4 way USB hub, the M-audio pro 88 keyboard is plugged into one of the front USB ports and the virus one of the back ports. Mine is a late 2008 3.2 8 core intel mac.

    As far as I know the virus has its own hub now although it told me it didnt when I plugged it in, but I have also tried front and rear ports.

    The message from Joerg Huettner at tech support is that he doesnt see it being a bandwidth problem and has passed the Logic 8 project I sent to him onto your R+D dept (not sure who they are)

    Ah Thanks for that, I am experiencing odd bandwidth type problems which are currently being looked at by Tech support.
    The USB ports on my intel mac are taken up with keyboard, mouse, midi keyboard, 2 elicensors (ilok etc) but I get dropouts, apr sync problems and latency etc

    Yes yes I realise that it is a beta release :)
    I just wondered if now you know about the issue, it will be fixed in the next proper OS release, or whether its just not something that is considered important to Access ?

    Sleep mode is convenient for me and the way I work. Constant deadlines etc are not helped by rebooting a G5 and then a huge Logic song on top of it every morning before I can play a single note.

    The Virus is the only thing I have that has problems with being
    recognised after starting my Mac from sleep mode and so I wondered if
    this was a fixable problem, because its one more non "Total integration" virus issue that is
    going to cause me to eventually phase it out from my studio completely, which is a
    same because the potential for it is great.

    I'm using the new beta OS for the Ti2 and I have noticed that after awakening my intel mac (OS10.5.8) from sleep mode, the ti2 no longer works in the logic 9 song and its often a case of multiple unplugging-pluggin of the USB cable, restarting or rebooting the Virus and Logic to get the virus going again.

    Any idea how to fix this ?

    Hi Marc

    Ok firstly ..apologies for my rant, I thought this was kind of a support area too. I have emailed support and am waiting for a reply however.

    I dont know what you mean though ..its an 8 Core intel mac G5 not what they are called anymore ? I dont know...maybe only PPC are called G5s now ?

    As I have already said though, I've tried all options, I'm currently on 256 sample buffer and sometimes from Logic the latency is a whole quaver. Its far from accurate and I'm having to compensate dramatically within Logic to lock it with the rest of the track.

    I also tried 64 sample buffer and to be honest I'm not really seeing a lot of difference. There is a slight improvement with the beta OS thats just out, I'm getting less gliches and squeaks, but I'm on a different track now. Previously loud digital squeaks/squarks/gliches would occur (especially when bouncing a track) and they would throw off the Arp tracks completely.

    I'm happy to send you projects, and if I have time, MP3s of when it goes wrong. Please let me know where to send them so we can get it fixed asap. Problem is though ...unless you have my libraries and computer, how will sending you a project enlighten you to what the problem is ?

    best wishes


    OK so thats that from tech support is it ? and reading elsewhere it seems that its a common problem. I'm trying to use it for pro jobs and its rubbish, taking up preciouse schedule time messing about trying to get something to work that obviously doesn't unless you're going to do a 6 part song like the demo track with bugger all going on in it.

    Great ! You can have this Virus back and I'll spend £1500 on something that works. :cursing:

    Hi Marc

    I have to find a balance with the Buffer range because I use a lot of the big Orchestral libraries and that kind of buffer will bring my G5 to its knees wont it ?
    As for the tutorial, I kept my fireface 800 as the main soundcard, I did enable the smooth cycle algorythm as requested though. Not sure what to do for the best ?

    This is happening to me a lot too, its like there's a sudden slip with the arp parts and they go out of sync.

    I have 3 options,
    1.use 512 buffer and medium range and get less dropouts and squeaks but terrible arp sync
    2 use 512 buffer and small range and get better timimng but lots of latency
    3.or use the suggested 256/small buffer levels and get better arp timing but a pile of audio noises/problems ???

    There must be something to fix this, the total integration is the only reason I bought a hardware synth in years.Its just going to end up an expensive decoration at this rate :S

    OSX 10.5.8
    3.2 intel 8 core
    10gb ram
    Firewire 800 soundcard
    Logic 8.2 and Locig 9
    latest Ti2 OS (downloaded today)

    Out of interest I'm getting a much better playback performance from a 512 buffer and medium Buffer range than I was with the suggested levels which gave me dropouts and false starts for arp sounds etc. This is better but another thing I have noticed is a kind of distortion, sounds breaking up almost digitally when I have multiple instruments playing ?

    I'm guessing this is a USB issue ? Is there any way around it because I cannot committ these sounds to a recording otherwise.



    Hi Oilver

    No I use the Fireface 800 as my main audio interface so the "D" option doesnt work for me does it ?, but changing the buffer to 256 seems to have helped the latency quite a lot thanks, its not cured it but at least its playable now.

    I have read ideas about this here but I'm not sure how it relates to my setup.

    I have the ti2 desktop conected to my 8 Core 3.2 intel G5 10GB RAM.OSX 10.5.8 , Logic 8

    I have it connected to one of the USB ports at the front of the machine (the other is free), I'm thinking they might be on another bus to the USB connections at the back ? I'm getting a lot of latency and some dropouts already with 6 parts running. Its not quite Total integration !!?? ANyway I followed the set-up examples from the tutorial video but they made no difference.

    Any ideas ? I'm not going back to Midi and Audio outs after all these years ;)