Ti2 and OSX sleep problem

  • I'm using the new beta OS for the Ti2 and I have noticed that after awakening my intel mac (OS10.5.8) from sleep mode, the ti2 no longer works in the logic 9 song and its often a case of multiple unplugging-pluggin of the USB cable, restarting or rebooting the Virus and Logic to get the virus going again.

    Any idea how to fix this ?

  • Sleep mode is convenient for me and the way I work. Constant deadlines etc are not helped by rebooting a G5 and then a huge Logic song on top of it every morning before I can play a single note.

    The Virus is the only thing I have that has problems with being
    recognised after starting my Mac from sleep mode and so I wondered if
    this was a fixable problem, because its one more non "Total integration" virus issue that is
    going to cause me to eventually phase it out from my studio completely, which is a
    same because the potential for it is great.

  • Yes yes I realise that it is a beta release :)
    I just wondered if now you know about the issue, it will be fixed in the next proper OS release, or whether its just not something that is considered important to Access ?