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    Basically the ModMatrix/LFO automations of the various knobs/faders should be showed in "realtime" in the VST.
    The visual feedback would use the "lights" around the knobs and over the faders to show the automation.

    The VirusControl already knows all the ModMatrix/LFO params and also it knows when (and velocity) of MIDI notes triggered so for calculate all this directly in the VST shouldnt be a problem at all and it would give 0 load to the hardware unit.

    Here is an animated image of my VirusControl with this cool feature.

    [Blocked Image:]

    yes, USB2 w/ a transfer speed of 12mbit/s


    this is rather confusing: USB1.1 is FS 12mbit/s, USB2 is HS 480mbit/s. If the VirusTI can't go physically over FS 12mbit/s, is not USB2 at all.
    If the chip is labelled USB2 means, implicitly that it can reach HS 480mbit/s when using the HS protocol.
    Please notice that an USB2 chipset CAN be used in "legacy USB1.x mode" and that's limit the bandwidth (1.5mbit or 12mbit, depends if used in LS or FS mode) but to make it work in native HS mode (480mbit/s) is just a matter of software/firmware.
    USB2 Developer Docs:

    Marc, could you talk with a technician about this thing? It would be rather interesting to know.

    a bump for this thread with mention that version 3.1.0 have the "VirusControlStartup" issue even worse.
    Version 3.1.0 doesnt even load up in Reaper and it just freezes at 50% (when usually the SEQ MODE is triggered).

    The solution is probably so easy but at the same time so far...

    What is your configuration in reaper?
    I would suggest to disable anticipative FX processing and the various "seek" options while selecting or click-during-playback.

    Also wich version of the VirusTI (firmware) you are using?
    In reaper the last working version is 3.0.3.

    I know already about the trackdelay, please dont ask me to make a video even for a such easy thing.
    In REAPER i just have to drop a JS called time_adjustment that allow to put additional manual delay compensation on tracks that needs it (in this case, those analog tracks). Calibration is so easy that is flattering.
    You dont even have to do it multiple time, just the first time and then save your tracks as a template. Then you will have all this stuff (whole virus multiout setup) at reach by a single click...

    Great, do you think then that for 3.0.6 we have a chance that the bug about "SEQ MODE" not being triggered on VirusControl loading will get fixed?
    The bug appeared only with 3.0.4 and 3.0.5 and reverting back to 3.0.3 solves the problem so is something in your new "initialization routine"


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    uploaded right now, give youtube the time to compute it.

    In this video is showed how to:
    a) have indipendent usb mono outs
    b) use analog outs together with usb outs
    c) use the analog outs as mono outs

    The setup allows up to 12 indipendent outs from the virusTI: 6 mono usb and 6 mono analogs.
    In the video i stop at 2 stereo usb, 2 mono usb, 1 stereo analog and 2 mono analog (all of them at the same time).

    NOTE: the tool i use for the video is a crap freeware program and i dont have any time to sync audio/video so get it as it is. Add to this that i made the video on the fly.

    no there isn't there are 3 usb outs if you put a mono or stereo through it is your own choice, that he said is just not true.

    totally wrong, in Reaper i clearly have selection of each L/R channel for each USBout and i can route easily the VirusControl to:
    1) output to 3 stereo tracks (default)
    2) output to 6 mono tracks
    3) a mixup of them (2 stereo and 2 mono, for example)

    The setup is pretty easy, if you need a video i can even show it up.
    If you do all mono signals you can get up to an amazing 12 channels from the VirusTI (6 mono usb and 6 mono analog)

    My example would be clearly about Reaper (my main host) but you can make it with other hosts aswell...

    already was a big step from 2 to 3 outs... (remember that, in fact, was from 4 mono to 6 mono streams!)
    There was already some talks on about this and USB1 is clearly at the limit here. Please remember that there are also 2 input streams, midi signals and system signals going trough that USB cable!

    The only solution for more outs would be lowering the samplerate/bitrate... (actually i think is 44khz/16bit when used via USB) but dunno if you really would like that!

    How i cant quote those?!?
    Great! I would love them!

    The effect-only version not much needed, i found a method to have ti working anyway (VC loaded as normal VSTi and then using ReaInsert inside Reaper for handle one of the patches as effect processor)