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    Wow! One can only hope. What he achieved with the Virus was so incredible. And still is. Sound and function wise. An update would be insanely cool. A LOT to compete with nowdays, more than ever before. But that doesn't stop other hardware selling.

    Even arturia can sell a hardware synth that also has a 1:1 replica in VST format. Yet people still choose to buy the hardware. A TI3 would sell like hotcakes regardless of if it could keep up with the likes of something like serum/pigments in terms of modulation and graphical interface.

    I'd save for one.

    For anyone reading this, you can set for example Envelope 3/4, to control AMP envelope and/or filter envelopes decay. This is called recursive modulation, and essentially the decay will fall in conjuction to the envelope controlling it. You can do this to A D S and R to create more natural, or plucky/boingy sounds

    I see, thanks. I never found that part. Just read loads about a "switchable soft limiter" I've had this for at least a decade and never thought of it until i read it a few times recently.

    Cheers for clearing up

    Dont sell it. Just don't worry about virus control. It's an extremely capable synth with just regular midi and using your hands to control the knobs.

    Mystery islands is great, or you can just control via regular midi CC mapping which is easy to do for drawn automation instead of knob tweaking live. Virus control is not needed at all

    It's not the DAW as that hasn't changed either.

    Problem occurs if i move the pitch knob on the channel by hand, or draw it yes.

    What would be making it do this over midi cable only with that vst plugin, but not a regular midi out channel from my DAW? Just seems so odd!

    This has made me discover the multimode again anyway, which is pretty damn great anyway

    Actually it even happens with the Mystery Islands editor, even though this is NOT via USB.

    Straight midi out from my DAW (fl studio) works fine, but somethings not right here! Something in the virus ti control plugin and the mystery islands editor is messing with the virus somehow.

    Yes stereo mode is enabled when using virus control

    Never had this problem before but when i use my USB midi keyboards pitch wheel, the virus lags and slows down. With any patch. Only over USB connection. I've tried all ports. The ones that arent USB 3 (as they come up telling me it wont work due to not having enough resoures... what really, usb 3? odd) The pop up when i add into another usb slow says " this is not the virus ti you were using before do you want to use this one?" Which i've never seen before in 10 years of owning this damn thing.

    Why is it fluffing out now?

    Actualy that doesn't work. Envelopes have no effect on chorus delay despite it being an option. If you set it all up as you expect, it has no effect, then if you switch source of modulation to an LFO, it works fine. If you set the destination to anything else it works fine.

    None of the envelopes effect phaser frequency or anything else in Phaser, or distortion effects for that matter.

    Nor do the envelopes effect anything in delay, or reverb.

    Or maybe it's just so suble in the virus it's impossible to hear. With literally every other synth when you enable unison phase it makes a really VERY distinct sound. Like a phasing swooshing sound as the voices/frequencies clash with each other and fight. That's just not the result you get with the virus at all. I really can't hear any difference with it turned up, down, + - 63 either way, nor with an envlope or LFO routed to it.

    Shame as it's a very cool sound that should be possible. If you want something similar though, you could always set a delay line or flange time to be routed to an envelope or one shot lfo to create a similar comb filtering effect. . Similar sound, but not quite the same

    Interestingly (and probably many already know this) but the arp or sync works much better with patches with LOW complexity (as stated by the indicator on the LED screen)

    I was just playing around with a very simple saw wave patch with and without unison, nothing else (seemingly) enabled or going on. With unison it just stutered and was awful, but was okay without unison (doing a classic standard 16ths trance riff)

    Noticed the meter was high for complexity (even though just one osc and nothing else enabled) so went to an INIT patch and recreated the same lead sound,. VERY low on the meter and syncs fine, no dropouts, no missed notes. But the patch is basically exaclty the same sound but clearlt internally different, with less enabled ( perhaps not turned off)

    It's just about okay with 0 release. So this makes me realise that it must be a processing problem.

    Funny coz my Virus C never had problems playing the arps in time..

    Also, just trying to use my Ti for the first time in a fair while, and the thing just stutters and faults when sending any fast pattern to it and in unison mode with anything more than 3 voices. Not using Ti vst here, using just midi out.

    Comparing it to my JP-8080 which is perfectly in sync and in time every single time without fail.

    The Virus is okay when not in unison mode, but as soon as it goes into unison and has anything like 16th's sent to it at much above 105BPM and unison 4 and above. Now i remember why i gave up with it

    Agree, we are all clearly dedicated fans to still be hanging around here (even if only very occasionally) and still we have no word from Access. For many years now. From best synth company in the world to.... non existent. Anyone who buys a TI now for the studio is totally mad though (unless they are just playing live on stage, then go for it, don't hesitate!)

    As in a new mixer channel?

    You can go to the settings tab in the virus control plugin and choose a new output. it can have up to three eithe via USB or the analog outs. You cant have 16 separate audio streams. But thats fine, you can mix them within the virus plugin just using the volumes, and when you record them eventually, just record them one at a time.

    I dont use logic so wouldn't know how to set midi channel two on it's own piano roll. Id imagine there's a setting in the piano roll to choose what midi channel the notes play from a given synth/input