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    AFAIR, the behavior is that the part(s) with the same channel as the selected part, or with the highest channel within the same keyrange, are controlled by the keyboard. Thus it‘s easiest to set all parts to the same channel and do your splits via keyrange as desired.

    Ha ha - yes, I am familiar with most of this behaviour - the bit about the highest channel within the same keyrange is new to me - I will have to investigate this - I can see why they couldn't describe this very well in the manual :).

    Thanks for confirming.

    If you are interested, that setting changes how the keyboard controls the sounds. Multi-channel controls all the channels that are enabled at the same time(!). Single mode means the keyboard will control only the current channel.

    Multi-channel is great for layering and splitting or both.

    I am connecting my Virus TI Keyboard via MIDI cables to my other equipment.

    I noticed an apparent lack of aftertouch MIDI data when in multi mode.

    I then determined the following using a MIDI data monitor:

    When in single mode the Virus transmits aftertouch data correctly.

    When in multi mode, the Virus only transmits aftertouch values of zero.


    To exhibit this behaviour, the Config | Keyboard (1/5) | Mode setting must be set to multi-channel.

    Many thanks

    Could somebody please test something for me?

    On your Virus TI, if you are in multi-mode, does an Enable = Off part respond to MIDI note messages on its assigned MIDI channel coming in from an external MIDI device (using MIDI cables, not through a computer)?
    Please note that the Virus should be in Config | Keyboard | Mode = Multi Channels.

    I ask, because mine does, but support have not been able to replicate this behaviour and say it doesn't happen for them.
    I use a Squarp Pyramid sequencer all the time to control Enable = Off parts, so I can use the TI's keyboard to control other Enable = On parts at the same time and it works really well.

    I would be grateful if anybody could do a quick test and tell me what they find. Is my Virus behaving weirdly?
    I am running firmware version

    Many thanks in advance.


    If my interpretation is correct, I believe that the thankful one is saying that his Virus synthesiser is turning itself on when he isn't looking.
    Not sure what stroking has to do with it, or rolling parameters for that matter.
    At least he has achieved to the update by the last version.

    Maybe it’s a cry for help (from the Virus).

    I am using a Virus TI Keyboard with a Squarp Pyramid sequencer.

    When in multi-mode, a part which is set to be disabled still responds to MIDI messages, however it does not respond to program change messages.
    So, you can use the Virus keyboard to play a sound, have a sequencer play one of the 'disabled' parts, but you cannot get the sequencer to change the program of that 'disabled' part.

    It follows that 'disabled' actually refers to whether the part is triggered from playing the keyboard, as the part responds to MIDI messages, whatever this setting is.
    This seems inconsistent with not being able to send program change messages to a 'disabled' part.

    The only way I have partially got round this is by setting the Config | Keyboard mode to Single Channel, but this limits the Virus to only sending out MIDI from the keyboard on one channel which does not give many options for more complex set up.

    Many thanks.



    I have a Virus TI Keyboard.
    These requests are based on the Multi-mode settings: Part Enable, Keyboard to MIDI and the System setting: Mode (One Channel, Multi Channels).

    The Keyboard to MIDI feature only works when the Virus TI is set to multi channel-mode.
    In single-channel mode the keyboard always outputs to MIDI.
    Would it be possible to make the Keyboard to MIDI option work in single channel mode?

    When in multi-channel mode, the Part Enable On option enables the keyboard to control that channel.
    If you want to play one channel from the keyboard and have a sequencer play another channel, it is not possible in multi-channel mode, as setting Part Enable setting to Off on a channel also means that that channel will not respond to MIDI messages.
    Would it be possible to either allow Part Enable Off channels to respond to MIDI messages or have a new Input from MIDI (On, Off) setting on each channel.

    I hope this makes sense,