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    where does your output from the virus go ? usb audio will not work, mystery has no recording functions, so only analog or digital outs serve

    When using the SimpleVirus USBdriver - I can't route the audio to get sound from anything - the VST nor the Mac Speakers.

    But when I go back to the Roland UM-ONE and Steinberg UR22 setup it all works perfectly.

    I just don't have enough knowledge to get it working any other way.

    Although I was able to Compile the SimpleVirusUSBDriver and get it working in Logic Pro with my TI2 - I have not been able to record from the TI2 Software Inst Track to an Audio track ( using the Mystery Islands plugin).

    I do have a Steinberg U22 and when I use my Roland usb/UM-One Midi cables - I can do recordings from the TI2.

    With just the USB cable and SimpleVirusUSBDriver and even with the Steinberg U22 - I cannot get it to record.

    Has anyone been able to achieve this in LOGIC with a USB cable and SimpleVirusUSBDriver?

    If so are you able to share the details of this?



    I thought I would check to see if I could get Virus Control working on the Windows side on a Mac M1.

    I had Parallels and Windows ARM running on my Mac M1 but could not get the 32 nor 64 bit VC to install.

    It just completed with an unexplained error.

    Looks like that there are no options.

    Anyone tried this on a Mac M1?

    wait for Solar3d-software's next release at least some people are willing to keep this going.

    Apple's updates are here to stay.

    I am happily using my M1 with all 3 of my TI2s - including the awesome WhiteOut!

    I am not sure if this has gone LIVE yet as I have possibly a beta and it is truly promising. Turn a knob on the hardware and the pages turn automatically.

    It's better than ACCESS ( waving goodbye) and totally abandoning support for Big Sur.

    I managed to connect MidiDesigner Pro 2 to the TI2 via the Roland UM-ONE and randomly I found a way to change Banks and Programs. But's about all I could achieve without good MIDI knowledge.

    I wonder if someone here could help me design a layout where I could get a scrollable list of patches/programs which I could audition.

    Happy to pay for such advice.

    Hi there,

    I have just come back to using my TI2 synths and realised that they are not supported on Big Sur.

    Having said that I have a team of Mac software developers none of them who have access to these Synths.

    I’m now considering getting a standalone TI2 to editor developed.

    Apart from Xcode could we also use XOJO.

    Would anyone like to be involved in developing or collaborating on such a project.

    The collaborator from here could advise a progammer - unless someone from here would like to take on the whole project.

    For a standalone application

    A starting point would be to just connect to the TI2 via USB and display a list of patches which can be auditioned with sound from either the TI2 or the Mac.

    Then a method to setup 16 parts/tracks.

    Developing for the Mac M1 chip could potentially allow for an iOS version as well.

    One thing I realised last year was that ANYTHING can be done on the Mac - just needs expertise and perseverance and someone good like a musician directing the development.

    I can fund the project


    Hi ChrisCabbage,

    I have just come back to the TI2 and realised that it won't work with Big Sur. I am OK for the moment having an old Mac with High Sierra.

    Good to hear that you might consider developing something for the Mac.

    I have heard of Solar 3D and have just sent them a message as to whether their standalone will work via USB on Big Sur.

    I have been involved in many software projects on the Mac and iOS - so I would be happy to FUND development for such a project.

    Lately I have been developing using XOJO - powerful and friendly compared to Xcode.

    Please let me know if you are keen.


    I just got a reply from ACCESS - somewhat vague that you can use Catalina but it does not make any sound then - so what's the point - otherwise I would have certainly downgraded to Catalina. Is this some sort of arrogance instead of being loyal to customers?