FUNDING Editor Development for Big Sur

  • Hi there,

    I have just come back to using my TI2 synths and realised that they are not supported on Big Sur.

    Having said that I have a team of Mac software developers none of them who have access to these Synths.

    I’m now considering getting a standalone TI2 to editor developed.

    Apart from Xcode could we also use XOJO.

    Would anyone like to be involved in developing or collaborating on such a project.

    The collaborator from here could advise a progammer - unless someone from here would like to take on the whole project.

    For a standalone application

    A starting point would be to just connect to the TI2 via USB and display a list of patches which can be auditioned with sound from either the TI2 or the Mac.

    Then a method to setup 16 parts/tracks.

    Developing for the Mac M1 chip could potentially allow for an iOS version as well.

    One thing I realised last year was that ANYTHING can be done on the Mac - just needs expertise and perseverance and someone good like a musician directing the development.

    I can fund the project


  • I guess the question is what protocol / API are Access using for the TI editing functionality over USB. You'd surely have to get them to agree to share the required info - or we're into reverse engineering. Honestly seems like a lot of pain.

    Long shot- but maybe we could persuade Access to allow the community the opportunity to update the existing TI plug-in / drivers for them. Not as open source - same closed source / Access own the source, model.

  • Thanks hugol,

    I wonder how Mystery Islands and Solar 3D handle this - "protocol / API are Access used for the TI editing functionality over USB

    As far as I know, they are using MIDI for all editing functionality - i.e. standard SysEx stuff.

    So you need to connect your Virus via 5-Pin DIN Midi connections not via USB. I'll admit - I'm not 100% clear - if it works via USB as well - then they must be relying on the Access Virus TI drivers to do Midi over USB. Maybe that's how Access's plug-ins work as well - I don't know.

    The concern is obviously Access's lack of support for their own Mac Drivers/Plug-ins - so even if Midi over USB works now - who knows in the future if they've abandoned this stuff.

  • would be great.. I just think that they dont care anymore however aside from funding solely Im curious if a crowd funded project would be the solution to get things moving