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    Used to be Snoozer on the old unofficial forum (and @ Infekted). Hopefully this will take off. Nice to see some new soundsets too.

    My gear includes:

    Virus Ti desktop
    Roland V-Synth
    Korg NS364
    Nord G2 Modular
    Yamaha VL70m
    Variax Guitar
    Hartman Neuron VS
    NI Kore

    and a bunch of softsynths inc NI Komplete, Tassman, Alchemy, Korg legacy collection, Pianoteq, Zebra and Virsyn Cube, Tera and Poseidon

    heavily into additive and granular synthesis and physical modelling - interested in exploring soundspaces and in-between sounds - composing is somewhere in between jazz and modern classical. Some of my music and Sound design stuff (inc lots of patches for various synths I have worked on - no Virus ones yet though but there is a template for using the Ti Control in NI Kore 2) is here:…

    and some of my Reaktor ensembles here:


    If you really want a freeze bear in mind it has to be realtime as that's the only way hardware can handle it. That being said there are 2 options. Sonar has a realtime freeze and Reaper has a realtime bounce-to-stems which is effectively similar