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    well this is not he most important thing in the world don't you think? :) I tried it on my blackberry but regretfully there is no flash player for those mobiles. So you should buy a windows mobile in order to browser on the on the go.

    :) i don't think they gonna help you out with that.

    well this doesn't sound to difficult.

    you don't always have to start from scratch. You can take an existing arp and edit it until you get what you want.
    If i have time i will try to make you this sound and export is as midi.

    omg, if you enter a forum like that you are rediculously stupid.

    this product from access is one of the best supported products with best service no doubt. Because you can't even handle something that simple you start crying out loud but is totaly ungrounded.
    I bet you had more difficult things in your life only you are whining about it to get attention. If you just start with a 'hi' and then tell your problem i am sure people or access can tell you what to do to solve your problem. But for what i can make up from your text is that you are just bashing on access for something that you could easily fix with some support.


    ;( cry me a river.

    well, we can't complain about this because we should be happy they are constantly updating + upgrading the TI for us, though they shouldn't let us know already if it's going to take months. :S

    By the way, lfmC, i am borrowing your signature if you don't mind. :whistling:

    why the sarcasm? 3 months is way to long, they should compensate your for it or at least give you a new working product. It's impossible they can let you wait 3 months.
    Wich country is that? U sure you brought it to the right dealer? :rolleyes:

    you are right prime :)

    het is gewoon een smerig hielenlikkertje waar ik spugmisselijk van word. blijft maar onzin posten om te posten.

    Zulke mensen halen het niveau van een dergelijk forum naar beneden.

    ok bring on the update stop the trashtalk :)

    please Tony, don't bring that up again. you are a total retard, you are posting crap just because you want to make a post. And that kinda posts are not bringing us good updates or whatever you are claiming.
    Just go on with your crap but try to avoid me.

    within a month or i drive to germany and will put it online myself ;)

    nah just kidding but believe me that is comes within the month march because begin april THIS WINTER will end for western europe.

    If not they would've changed this winter to next winter.

    Holy, that preview track Forsaken is sick as F! 8| Damn i love you masteringstyle...
    Hope to receive some tips

    About Gorgon, jeez with Forsaken that i thought about Prodigy but this starting melodie is almost like Prodigy - Narayan (my personal faforite back then).

    Sounds very good though i like Forsaken better.

    thanks for the positive comments and critics! :)

    The track is far from finished but i lack the time to work a lot on music lately. Hope to place an updated track any time soon. :D

    bah this release is not good. another song lost in the process! as long as i use nothing special it works fine but when i use an appreciator i get blue screen al of a sudden. my track is gone and my system reboots.

    what can i do other than get a hammer and bash the appreciator ritm manualy into the polar? :cursing:

    are there any known related solutions for this appreciator bug thing?

    We are still in the winter so if they talk about this winter that means it will come shortly wich replies back to the old text.
    So in fact they changed the name so people won't get impatient by confusing them (conspiracy theory). So in fact nothing has changed and it will be released when it is working without to much bugs.

    Another question rises; When may we betatest this software for you Access devs?


    ok listening over again because the lack of new things on the forums. :)

    100% Tip - Sage n Scientifix isn't that bad. Even the rap is not that bad only sometimes a tiny bit of beat but you can correct that with a decent sequencer. :thumbup:

    This Analysis Sounds realy good. Only you are not convincing me with the rap, maybe you should put more expression in.
    Really Over sounds to me like a UB40 song. :) Did you sing that yourself? 8| It sounds pretty good.

    Wisdom's Frown - Starts offbeat with the rap, try to put it more onbeat and this song will be great!
    The House Rasta - sound spacy but imo a little bit to much focussed on the low-end sounds. Nevertheless i realy like the sound. (What was i thinking the first time? :whistling: )
    demons (brotherly re-edit) - wow i hear prodigy One Love in this melodie on the background (searched it and it's different but reminds me of it). Cool song!!! (my faforite, listened a few times)
    27 till 30? - Sounds a lot louder than the other songs. Cool, easylistening sounds (after i turned my volume down a bit) if i may describe it like that. :)
    What you doing? - uhh....what you doing? :D I like this track, it sounds good.

    Overal i think your tracks are great, forget my first comment. There i probably listened one track without paying attention. I can't give any reccommendations or tips because i am searching for that myself.


    Why you put that demons up as a free mp3 download and the others not? I think you score better points with demons, :pinch: