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    The only thing that seems not right is your name ;)

    For the rest i would check on all automation you have used in the sequencer first.

    edit: now i've read the rest of ur text beter i see it had nothing to do with automation.. hmm. technical support!

    because of something (to me unknown) that happened i got my sound back and can again start testing os4 :D hope this time it all works for me wooow :thumbup:

    :thumbup: @ berni, hehe :D i feel you man though that room would let me produce madness with the virus!

    @ prime, nice studio you got there, get the impression the virus for you isn't your finest piece of hardware when i look at your pictures.

    lol @ berni :D thought my studio was a mess!

    @ thomas, yeah been victim of a caraccident ( was sitting in the backseat ) lucky to be alive to be honest.
    Anyway, after the accident i am 100% deaf on my left ear that makes me mono. It realy made me lose my love for rmusic and other things that i won't mention because it's making my story to long (lol).
    I got a real drawback from it and had to start over aproaching music and sounds as a hole in a very different way (conversations, growded area's, etc, listening cost double concentration thus energy) it took me like 5 years to get even close to the mix quality i had before that. But i have read a lot of books and just skilled myself so i would know what to do to get the very best mix without using ears at all. Eventualy it all comes to ones imagination and taste. I learned to listen to stereosound with one ear though it stays impossible to be as good as a 2 eared mixxer. I got my intrest in music back over time and the TI gave a little boost to it as well. I can make music but for the endmix i have to let someone else do the job for me. ;)

    @ tarekith, cool! going to look for a drummachine anytime soon and going to take a closer look to the one u mentioned as your drumsounds are awesome. thx a ton! 8o

    ok, :) It's not that i want to sound professional i just realy wondered. I need to get another setup myself because with only 1 ear to hear with and the bad acoustics i experience in my room i can't make a decent mix.
    trying to find ways to make that better without spending money on an expert.

    Got ur pic as example for when i am going to change things for better acoustics. :thumbup:

    by the way, is that a drumcomputer on the right of the virus? is that the drums i hear in ur songs? I am realy looking for a good drumsource myself. i have ton's of samples but not a good player to use in x64 setup.

    it started up the first time i installed it. However the effects didn't all work properly. Now, my soundcard doesnt work at all anymore. getting the same struggle i had with an earlier installer from my konnekt8 x64.
    Atm deinstalled both, the konnekt 8 and virus ti installer completely. Tomorow trying again, every time in a different manner until it works. Will post the outcome ofcourse. ;)

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    ATM my studio looks like that, kinda messy and my SE eletronic mic standard including vocalbooth stays at a friends place. and a few digital mixers not used.
    It will give an idea how i sit behind my desk. ;)

    @ Tarekith, your studio has the looks though i ask myself if those absorbers like you placed them are realy functional. Like that your sounds from the speakers is still bouncing against the wall, etc.

    omg, because of this update my tc konnekt 8 isn't working at all right now. have to check and change all kinds of things in order to make it work again but to weak now.

    dammit, this could be so cool but it ends up so bad.

    don't get me wrong i still am very gratefull about access putting so much effort in these updates, it only just is not yet fully ready for all systems. ;) keep it going guys up to the final version, can't wait! :thumbup:

    omg, because of this update my tc konnekt 8 isn't working at all right now. have to check and change all kinds of things in order to make it work again but to weak now.

    dammit, this could be so cool but it ends up so bad.

    if i am not mistaken u mean u can't access and not trying to automate the nob.

    go to fx1 tab then go to the frequency filter area. there u can click the tab and u will see the option for the vowel and comb filters.

    You could also watch the video's related to the new os that are online for a while. there they will show u how to access and to use them.


    I did a little testing as i am still recovering from hospital churgery. I did a little test on the new arp editor. It didn't seem to work on any sound i tested it with.
    maybe i have done it wrong myself. I will check the tut video when i feel better but for what i've seen now it's not entirely working as hoped.

    I made use of the x64 win version on windows 7 x64 in combination with Cubase 5, latest updates.

    The distortion models on the TI always belonged to the great things this synth offers. Various kinds of distortion are needed all the time, for VA lead synths just as well as for electronic styles, including bass sounds.

    So I regard these ablities as essential part of the TI and would never want to use the TI without this great feature.
    If it gets even better with the new modes, I really welcome that!

    The only thing that makes me smile is the fantasy put in efforts to identify exact stompbox models for the distortion variations.
    I guess most of this part takes place in user minds, even if encouraged by Marc ;)

    Wow they only just made thse stompbox emulations so i don't get your point here. ?(

    So in fact u never used the Virus TI but waiting for the update?

    It is not, but can be used as. I don't see why that would be bad...Not everybody does electronic music with the virus, and these new additions can be very useful for a wide range of applications. Most of the distortions will probably go with acid like bread and butter but I don't see any "evil" in plugging a guitar in my virus and let a friend have a shot at these stompboxes emulations. It may actually be pretty cool for those who are on a budget, if an effect works very good and you have a spare part, use it...I'd love to have a prog jam with my friends so, again, why not. :)

    if u are on a budget you don't buy a virus ti but you just go for a cheap stompbox.

    But for the rest i am all with you there. :thumbup:

    They are for sale but only limited as mentioned :D i think i will get one myself, this could be a collectors item and i love to have all the POWAH in the world to make the music i want. i also have the powercore virus to add to the polar and this limited white edition! I am starting to fall in love with... :love: