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    Hi there,
    I am using a TI bass sound amongst a wealth of other synth plugins in a current project in FL9, when I play the project out of FL, it sounds awesome.
    So now I export it as either *.wav ormp3 and all plugins sound awesome with the exeption of the TI plugin, which is all grainy and chopped up.
    I have tried a variety of settings in the ASIO settings and different quality or recordings, always with the same result.
    please help?

    Remember that the TI is 48Khertz and maybe you trying to export 41,8Khertz that could cause problems. You also have to export in live mode. (so playing the entire song in it's normal state and export).
    Otherwise you get what you have now. :thumbup:

    i want the TI making me real coffee while updating instead of just a picture! :D

    And i would love to have a better delay functionality with some delay presets as well so it makes it easier to ajust to something you want.

    i have something simular with my soundcard. a hole different story from your issue but after OS4 something doesn't work anymore even with rollback or uninstall.
    YOu not the first one to post a tread with this issue as a mather of fact. I don't know what is been said in there but if i was you i would look on simular tread/post, maybe that helps.

    Its still not working for me :(

    Hmm strange, it is realy just doing that automaticaly for me.


    place tekst behind the [ and ] within quote and behind the text you want to quote. that's when i do it manualy at least. :huh: maybe u should ask marc about it.

    :rolleyes: Well, besides the cpu advantage i think nowadays the technology is that far there isn't much difference and more comes to taste if one want to play the nobs or just use the mouse to navigate the instrument.

    I was going to say the virus TI sounds way better than virtual instruments but for example the Virus powercore that i also own sounds just as great as the TI only it is based on Virus A, B and C. You realy fall in love when you look at the Virus TI Polar, module or snow you should buy it because you definitely won't regret it. You realy think it isn't giving you that extra, leave it. Simple as that. Only u can decide whatever you going to do. succes. :thumbup:

    Whoops and that last quote done by accident. Wanted to make it look like a button with the word quote in.

    if pressing the quote button on bottom right of a post doesnt work for u, u can copy tekst and place it under the folowing part: [ to open and then u use ] to close. between those you type quote. ^^ and you have ur white board to place tekst in. All text u will place behind the quote bars will be quoted.


    I don't have trouble quoting you.

    What do u do to quote? you press [quote] on the right bottom of a post?

    i think this is not the story of not synching with Ableton but just a an issue for Ableton since Cubase doesn't have problems synching with the Virus at all.

    Dusk, you mentioned usb1 again, i also think it was a very strange decision to put usb1 on a beastsynth like this while usb in common is so damn cheap to build in, it definitely doesn't lower productioncosts in any case for that mather. :) But for synching a hardware piece usb1 is valid.

    Have u checked on wich party in the process is the synchhost? is that your daw, your soundcard or the Virus?
    In most cases this has to be the daw for hosting synch. Have u updated all your system OS and drivers, same for your soundcard?

    If the synch problem after these steps still persist then you might want to check out on Abelton for any updates that could work, eventualy contacting their support about Abelton not being able to synch with a hardware synth through usb.

    If these steps are nothing new to u, sorry but hope it helps you in the direction otherwise. succes :thumbup:

    Hi Marc,

    Yes i have done this test a few times now. It's actualy hard to get my soundcard working again. I succeeded onces but now i am wondering again how i did that before.
    Installing, Uninstalling, Reinstalling, etc, both with the soundcard turned on or off, but without succes this time. Tried to reset to factory default a few times.
    Uninstalled all virus software again as well. At that point (yesterday) i was about to call in help from T.C. support and switched my soundcard on it actualy worked.
    Then i installed OS4 to see if this time it would keep working but after reboot the soundcard failed again.

    My studiocomputer:

    OS: Windows 7 64bit
    motherboard = Asus Rampage Extreme
    CPU = Core 2 Duo - Quad core 3ghz
    Mem = 8gig 1600Mhz OCZ
    GPU = Asus ATI EAH 4890
    C: = 128gb SSD (solid state disk) Crosair 220/200
    D: = 320gb HDD for instrument libraries
    E: = 320gb HDD for backup, other files, etc

    Hardware connected to computer that could be relevant to this issue:

    T.C. Eletronic Konnekt 8 external soundcard through firewire (latest 64bit driver/software)
    T.C. Eletronic Powercore 6000 through firewire (latest 64bit beta driver/software)
    Access Virus TI Polar through USB (lastest 64bit driver/software)

    In fact i not connect any of the hardware on the computer at this moment i just want sound for listening to music or doing a game or programming actionscript or whatever.
    Just as soon as i installed OS4 my sound is gone without even the hardware synth or DSP connected.
    What else information you need more, just ask and i will try to give that. ;)

    thanks for the fast reply

    Dear Access,

    This is the second time this happened, i installed os4 and my soundcard doesn't work anymore. It took me a long time to get my soundcard working. So i was thinking i could try installing the os4 software again, and this worked just like before, until i reboot the system. Then the card daw icon is blinking, in fact trying to connect, reconnect, connect, reconnect, etc.

    This definitely has to do with the os4 installer rather than my soundcard as that is something that was already connected before the os4.

    Strange thing is that the Virus TI is connected by USB and the T.C. Konnekt 8 is connected by firewire.
    So this could not be a about the connections but has just to do with the installler software that is provided with os4.

    Hope there can be made adjustments so all other hardware keeps working, let me know what access is going to do about this issue.

    best, :S


    I know, just messing around a little :) I should stop. bad me :D

    Anyway, i don't wanna keep you from being helped out there.
    As a mather of fact as soon as i have my sound back and get my own virus to work again i will check this out for your as well.

    If others can help ofcourse don't wait for me until i get it working again.