• Hi I go by the name of Super Star O &i just got a virus ti i am looking for a sound designer to make me custom patches for the virus ti2. i am looking to pay as well lol. i can give examples as to what kind of sounds i use and want & also link you to my website were you can hear beats. I am big on the net and have even produced for over 25 major artists so take this serious.

    contact me back via email plz even if you dont do this but know of a sound designer.

    SuperStarObeatz@gmail . com

  • i want to be your good sound designer if the $ amount is actualy with 6 numbers like you did let me think ($$$$$$)

    and you want us to look where? website? :rolleyes:


    DAW: Cubase 5
    OS: Windows 7

    MB: Asus Rampage Extreme
    RAM: 4x 2GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz
    CPU: Intel core 2 quad @ 3.0 GHz
    GPU: ATI EAH 4890 1GB
    Sound: t.c. eletronic Konnekt 8
    Monitoring: 2x KRK rp6 g2 + 1x KRK rp10s
    DSP: UAD, t.c. eletronic Powercore 6000 including virus powercore
    USB: Virus Ti Polar
    FW: Korg m3

  • dood ur huge on sound click... do u not make that music? i should being asking u about your sound design

    shorty reds , zaytoven, virus ti , ? sounds like thats ur production im very curious to how u and vibe do u thing ?

    id be down to trade some productions tips