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    Estevez I don’t loose sleep over the lack of support. I love my TI2 Desktop, and because I sequence it from a hardware unit (Squarp Hapax), I’m not really affected by the problems on MacOS.

    The Virus does represent the pinnacle of development of virtual analog synths IMHO. I doubt there will be a huge market for products like this in the future, as so many who would use a multitimbral VA are now working “in the box” with great DAW plugins.

    It’s funny. The guy who got me into keyboards and synths when I was a teenager is today a successful producer in the TV and film music world. His work is virtually 100% in the box, except when he scores a live orchestra (he recorded 60- and 90-piece orchestras at Abbey Road Studios a few months ago for an animated film now out, Leo) or a band. He laughs at my desire to collect what he calls “vintage music gear.” In other words, musicians who would have used a Virus in the studio during a different era are using VST’s today.

    I’m glad to see that. When I researched parts suppliers, a quick 5 minutes of searching led me to believe that most of the ones who had stock required a large purchase.

    I got my three from Amazon, which made it easy. The price was right as well.

    GESchwalm I located 3 of the DSP chips for my TI2, just in case. As I understand it, the rest of the parts are much more easily sourced, but the DSP chips could be a problem.

    I suggested this in a forum, and was vilified for selfishly hoarding these parts. I see it as safeguarding my investment in my precious Virus.


    Many of us keep old Mac’s around to support Virus Control. I use it to create and edit remote templates, which are very useful for me.

    I’m planning to load MacOs Mojave in Parallels Desktop to run Virus Control on the 2020 Intel Mac I’m shortly getting from work.

    I made a feature request to the developer of the Aura Virus Hardware Editor. Please ask him to add Remote Templates to his product.

    On the topic of hubs, I’ve done some research.

    It seems the key is that a hub follows the USB 2.0 “MTT” standard. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know if a given hub or switch meets the MTT spec or is only STT compatible.

    If anyone is curious (can’t imagine many will be), here’s some info:

    What are Multiple TT (MTT) USB Hubs?

    On Mac and Windows, check your hub as follows:

    On MacOS, it is possible to install lsusb command line tool which was back-ported to MacOS long time ago via macports or homebrew install systems: sudo port install usbutils. Once installed, the steps are:

    The hub type can be checked with lsusb command. TT information is provided in bDeviceProtocol field of the device descriptor of the hub in the question. Alternatively, one can run lsusb -v | grep TT or lsusb -v | grep bDeviceProtocol for the list of the bDeviceProtocol fields for all connected devices.

    On Windows, you can check if your hub has this feature using the Windows Device Manager. Look for the words "Hub has multiple TTs" in the Advanced tab:

    New idea - crazy perfectionist, software and integration engineer who doesn’t let a machine “beat” me - takes me a long time to give up!

    Option 1: Use VMWare to install/run Mojave in an Intel-based MacBook Pro loaded with Sonoma.

    Apparently others have done this:

    Aus der Community MacOS auf Reddit
    Entdecke diesen Beitrag und mehr aus der Community MacOS

    Option 2: Install Mojave within a Parallels virtual machine.

    This may actually be directly supported:

    Older Mac OS X versions and Parallels 19
    Hello, Knowledge base article 124223 specifies that older Mac OS X versions up to Mac OS X 10.5 are supported, however there is a note with older...

    I’ve used Parallels quite successfully in the past. Maybe I can upgrade my old license. Once I have the Mac, I may give this a try. Crazy, but worth an hour or so to see what happens. I will report back.

    ozon it seems I’ve got some kind of Intel-based MacBook Pro heading my way from my employer. I’m assuming it’s a 2019 or 2020 model.

    Given what you’ve said and my research, it seems like a fool’s errand to attempt to configure this laptop to run Virus Control. I’d rather spend the time learning Bach, Beethoven, the Beatles and much great music that doesn’t begin with “B” as well as learning how to use my Kemper Profiler Player and play my guitar. Priorities…

    I’ll keep my mid-2010 MBP running Mojave to configure/manage my Virus Ti2, and use the new laptop for everything else. Since I haven’t run Virus Control in over a year, I doubt I’ll need to do it very often.

    Oh well!