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    Thats what i dreaded. Although the init patch loaded as standard is a waveform itself, does that not take up some power x16?

    For instance when I have 1 part playing onit's own I still may get a click if I have loaded in 4 or 5 parts that are playing in other sections in the tune.

    Surely 16 versions of a knobs placement must take up some space, ram or even your cpu what could be freed up for other vst plugins, if it doesn't free up the load on the virus.

    I just don't see the point in all 16 parts available.

    Right, we all know it's pretty impossible to get a full 16 tracks out of your virus ti. So, how about making a VC vst plugin that only loads 6 or even 8 part slots available.

    The idea is with hope that ditching the other unused tracks would free up some small amounts of power in the virus.

    I hate seeing the empty spaces that i would just love to fill with 1 more killer sound from my virus in a tune. Just having a 6 part VC would be much favoured by me.

    Am just about finished my latest track and it has 3 really heavy load virus patches in it. I've jst managed to do 1 recording with no pops or clicks but I have had them in the track on other recording attempts. Possibly the slight load relief of a 6 part virus plug in would make my 3 tracks load be completly pops & clicks free. Don't forget it's that 1 slight click that can ruin your complete mix down. It was also so tempting to add another track but I've managed to finish with out it.

    I know it might sound silly to some as the tracks aren't used anyway but I have noticed that even once I've reached the overload stage, muting the tracks doesn't lighten the load. I am hoping that the empty track takes up some power.

    I'm sure there will be a midi plug in you could use to do this to the virus. I've just read the review for the vengence plug in and i can't say i was too impressed.

    How about when scrolling through patches say with the + held down if you press the - button it will scroll through faster.

    It can take 18 seconds to scroll from 0 to 127, yes i timed it. That is quite quick but sometimes it feels like a life time.

    Ok, I am sad. Pretty pointless but could be nice.

    live has it's percs but I'll always be a cubase freak.

    Went sonar for a while but soon came back. Steinberg do need to sort there act out though. Many tools are surpassing them and I can imagine them losing lots of custom.

    It's not a Cubase 4 to Cubase 5 issue.
    What I want to do basically is rout an audio track into the Virus TI to use it's FX without pulling out cables. Just through the sequencer.
    When trying to change to the 3 outputs / 1 input mode I get the message that Cubase doesn't support side chaining.
    I'm really starting to regret having Cubase...

    Ahhh! yes, I've seen that message. Although you can sidechain any virus track using the cubase compressor, what you can't do is send audio not from your virus into the virus to use the virus's FX. Even if using the virus as your sound card because the audio input can't be activated.

    Nothing to do with sidechaining really but that is what the message says, If I remember rightly. Unless it's because I'm wrongly thinking the term side chaining is implied only for compressors. When actualy any instrument/FX wired in a similar way could be classed as sidechained but now am just blabbering and don't really have a clue.

    I still don't get this because I can sidechain all my vst instruments and my virus. Then again I'm using cubase studio 4.

    I can also use my virus to be a sidechain trigger. I'm still very unsure what ppl want to do but can't.

    if its a cubase 4 to cubase 5 issue i'm deffinatly not upgrading.

    works well you say.


    Have you tried every parameter in vc to see if your virus actualy responds to it. I'm finding more and more that my virus will change parameters in vc but the vc will not alter the virus.

    You don't actualy relise untill you test each one. Unfortunatly for me i don't know of which update they did work because i'm only discovering it with the features that I am now learning. Prior this I just persumed it was working.

    Pretty pointless having a vc that doesn't do much except the filters. I think Virus should concentrate on this a lil more before adding new features.
    not sure if that link works but try the 1 below

    Its a cubase file with all the extra bits.

    I've put notes in the cubase note pad to explain how to do the sidechain using the virus ti & cubase 4.

    Start on the globaldjms miditrack, click notepad.

    Hope it helps. Please dont comment on the sounds etc. It's purely to show how to sidechain.

    Anyone and everyone feel free to download.

    Changed the link....

    Not sure about on cubase 5 but on cubase 4 in the vst window where you activate/load a vst instrument there is a little tab where when you click it you can turn on the extra usb outputs. As standard they are turned off.

    I forgot about this last week and was scratching my head for hours trying to remember how I used the other usb outs before. Thanks to some forum advice I was back on track.

    You will need the upgrade of cubase 4 to do the sidechain. I could send you a Cubase file with the virus vc open with in it. A simple few tracks with sidechain added so you can see how to do it.

    It is extremely simple once you know how.

    you also need to turn on the other usb outs. I Forgot how to do this the other day and thought the feature i used most is now unavailable in the latest upgrade. I was kindly reminded on the other forum.

    You are probably opening the midi inserts instead of the audio ones.

    Select your virus track. if you click the lil e at the top this opens the midi inserts/sends. The lil e at the bottom, under the Q where it says quick controls opens up the inserts you need.

    It's worth mentioning that any effect you add on here will effect all the virus parts, as its at the audio stage.

    Imagine the midi notes in cubase, the triggers. They travel to the virus via usb then all the audio travels back to your daw. If you add a vst plug in effect in your daw, It's In the chain after the virus has created all the sounds. You can't add the effect before the virus as there is no audio there. It's just the midi note triggers. :huh: not good at explaining things.

    Thank fully we have 3 usb outs on the virus. If I want to add say side chain compression to 1 virus part and not the rest i set it up as normal then send all the other virus parts to go out usb out 2 instead of usb out 1 which will have the compression effecting it.

    yes, thats the solution to my earlier request..... +1. Be a major step up I think.

    Another point though. I've just noticed that my virus doesn't actualy respond to changes I make in the mod matrix via VC. I have to make the changes on my virus itself via the matrix section. To put it clearer the VC aint telling my virus a change is made (like a slot parameter) unless I use my virus to tell the VC then I can proseed....

    I'm running 3.1.0. is it just a feature not fixed yet.

    In regards to thread…d&threadID=217&highlight= which is now locked. I tried to send a private message about this item, I even tried to send you this message as a private 1. You can't be sent private messages though.

    I never got to reply but i posted that thread on this forum to make access aware of the seller. As in if it was ligit or not. I tried to contact REfx but they have no email contact. The selling of pirated software really gets on me as we pay hard earned cash for our things.

    He may be ligit but still it looked dodgey to me. If he is dodgey a complaint from access to ebay themselves would be much better than from me

    Please delete this thread after you have seen it thank you.