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    One small extra question to this topic:

    S/PDIF seems to work nice for me. However, I get some clicks now and then, not frequent at all, but they do occur, maybe once or twice in a 3-4 minute long track. Also when I bounce I still have one-two clicks in my exports. I did not have those using the analog outs.
    Any idea what could be wrong and how I could fix this?

    Do you have your interface's clock source set to S/PDIF? If not that could be the issue.

    Also, on the topic of the audio being identical up to the point it either gets passed through as digital or converted to analog..... if memory serves, the well documented issue of unintentional slight pitch oscillation doesn't occur when using analog outs. Personally I just restart my DAW and Virus before recording to help get smooth operation from it and stick to USB outs

    With the wide range of computer configurations out there ultimately you have to go with whatever works smoothly for you. If it works fine over usb I would recommend doing so and letting your Focusrite operate on its own internal clock. You bought a TI, enjoy the TI part!
    *If your computer plays nice with it of course :)

    Is the virus the only synth you use or something and you refuse to actually track anything to audio?? Supersaw orchestra??? I can tell you right now that most professionals (who are the ones most interested in higher sample rates) do not use the Virus in this fashion.

    You make utterly no sense. The best modern plugins offer oversampling up to x16 or x32 (beyond what most need or use) and you are acting like having an option for 88 or 96 is some sort of frivolous extreme? Get real. The idea that it detracts from the quality of a product to offer users these extra options is absurd. The sound engine in the Virus is not on par with current digital plugins like D-CAM's Synth Squad or U-HE Diva and it would be a nice asset to add this option for those who'd like to be able to get a little more from its sound.

    Btw, you should know better but you reference a "frequency band nobody cares about" as if you have no understanding of digital signal processing, as those words aren't spoken by anyone who knows that's not where the merits lay.

    The Virus hardware (Ti2 especially) is fully capable of delivering at least one stereo pair of outputs at 88 or 96khz via USB or S/PDIF. If this was enabled it would take merely a few seconds to switch back and forth for recording something or general use.

    Polyphony is a scarce resource, though - and im sure people prefer more voices (especially those that play live), and are happy to put up with a 'measley' 48kHz. The fact that there are only one or two people bitching here about it means they probably got it right.

    None of us who has any handle on reality believes our Virus was made without room for improvement so do save the comment about how they "got it right". We continue to see improvements to the Virus every year which is a driving force behind the unique value of the Virus. While you're "sure people prefer more voices", there are a LOT of users (most of which aren't hanging out on this forum) who would make use of a high performance mode at the cost of reduced polyphony. Obviously this would be for studio recording, not live.

    on the topic of trolling though, what on earth are you doing commenting in a thread about something you have no interest in, requested by people who obviously have different needs and interests than you? What we're after is to have 88/96 enabled as an OPTION that anyone can use or not use according to their needs.

    If you use the audio outputs your signal will go through the Focusrite's AD converters which will degrade it slightly.

    You're fine as is. You'll know if you have your clock source set wrong usually because it'll mess with the audio clock as it drifts out of sync between the two pieces.

    Must... resist... urge... :cursing: ^^

    Yes you certainly should resist the urge. It saves me the time of having to repeat myself or post up examples of how much more the sound & filters open up when running above 44k.
    While you might not care about these things AntonyB, I have dropped around $30k into my studio the last 3 years and very much care about the idea of getting better performance & increased flexibility out of my $3400 investment. Especially if it can come from simply enabling two higher sample rates.

    The Virus hardware is capable of a higher performance mode at the cost of polyphony. The bandwidth can also support a pair of stereo outs at 88/96 via USB as well as by S/PDIF.

    As it stands, the Virus needs to operate at an even multiple of your sound card's sample rate. This is why when working at 96k the Virus operates at 48 but at 88k it operates at only 44k internally.
    VC appears to handle the simple (x2) SRC.
    It would seem to reason then that the Virus could be enabled to operate at 88khz internally for people working at either 44 or 88khz.

    My point is that don't be afraid to implement 96khz native resolution if not in the current but at list in a new gen Virus. :thumbup:
    Plyphony? Well just provide 3 modes 44.1,48 and 96Khz and the problem is solved and all targed adience is happy.

    No way! 88.2khz is more important than 96khz. Right now if you work at 96khz the virus will operate at 48khz internally which is a definite improvement over 44k. If you work at 88khz though the virus only operates at 44khz internally. This is disappointing and at times makes it just a little harder for the Virus to match up sonically to my work environment. Right now the best I can do is change my soundcard's sample rate to 48khz (which causes all my midi gear timing offsets to go out of time while doing this) when it's time to record something, then switch back to 88khz and do a quick SRC of the recorded audio from 48khz to 88.2khz. The sound is more clear & open working above 44k so it's really not ideal composing and tweaking at the lower rate and rendering at the higher. Filters certainly open up more at 48khz I've noticed.

    I would kill for the option to run the virus at 88khz internally. I don't ever use my virus for more than a few sounds in a track and wouldn't ever have a problem with halving my polyphony to do it. Right now what I use my Ti2 for most is as a midi controller for my Voyager & Juno 60. Awesome controller and I love making custom templates.. but a little sonic upgrade would be welcome.

    Audio resamples cleaner and with less processing working in even doubles between 44khz and 88khz which is why 96khz was intended for the video industry which uses a 48khz distribution standard.

    Isn't that a hell of a thing? The video insustry employs a 48khz standard while the audio industry still relies on the same tired old sample rate that came with the dawn of CDs. :thumbdown:

    To my knowledge using SPDIF rather than USB for audio takes some of the strain away from the USB. Sounds seem to have more clarity and much cleaner via SPDIF. Works great on my setup. you can still use VC when using USB and SPDIF together as well.

    it is quite literally the exact same sound. Marc of Jorg can confirm this. Try recording some takes through each and compare. Your ears can hear funny things when you expect them to!

    I recently started recording thought the spidf connection from my darkstar into my Apollo - I have to say its much better. There is no conversion so you don't have any degradation of the signal. I feel the signal is even a little cleaner. Just my 2 cents. If you have the capability to go spidf then you should def try it out :thumbup:

    Just to clarify - this will be the same signal as sent over usb if using VC.

    if you mean simply what would happen if one of the keys was pressed down that's normal. Happens a few times weekly for me where a note triggers and is held. one time it did this triggering my moog at 70% volume at around 80hz and held it for a while when I'd left to go do something lol.

    I dont think people should leave this thread die, i have been in the studio for the past month working on a project. When i needed to bring my virus in, i couldn't help but notice the weak oscillators after living in this studio with a moog little phatty, oberheim and a prophet.. I mean, the virus could be THE SYNTH. It lacked more envelopes and you are getting us that on the new update but you need to understand that the oscillators are lacking compared to the analog counterpart.

    lol! You think? Welcome to analog synths? No, the Virus could not be "THE" synth. Not today, not next year. It will always have its strengths and weaknesses and will never replace analog.


    There is not much power and punchiness without effects, many people are hearing this, people that are knowledgable enough not some guys that had a synth or two. Wavetables can only do so much when we are talking about some sounds that you just want to use saws or squares..This could be the end of all synths with a better set of oscillators.. Its the king of modulation by having a modular approach to routing, the wavetables are VERY good, amazing collection, the formant synthesis is ground breaking, please consider A/Bing some voyager/oberheim what have you, even a roland and you will get the point of all those, people. People might say you will never get close with a VA to such raw meaty punchy oscillators, but if you get the virus to use 96k internal and model those oscillators you will have the whole industry's jaws drop. You have to understand, soft-synths do come closer day by day, they already work at 96k, they already start to sound more analogue cause they are coming out each year and the developers are trying to create something groundbreaking all the time with better technology (see uhe Diva)

    Forget about the Virus ever being able to replace a moog voyager or similar counterpart. If you want a moog voyager or the sound of beefy analog then BUY ANALOG. I don't get pissed at my virus for not doing what my moog does and I don't get pissed at my moog for not doing what my virus does. You learn to get the best each unit offers and then you select the right instrument for the job. Now, getting better sound from it is something I fully support and yes I'd love to have the option of running the virus at 88 or 96k internally. For anyone unhappy with the sound I hope you at least run it at its maximum 48k internal rate. You can take off a bit of the digital edge by running it ou through analog compression or other gear. You can use compression envelopes to give it more punch as well.

    If you want a good but small and inexpensive interface pick up a TC Impact Twin. If you use analog outs set the virus to clock at 48khz internally for better sound.

    why don't you just use the VC plugin? The analog to digital conversion built into your mbp is certainly not what I'd advise using to record with!

    What is also the most effective way to not make your tracks sound muddy. I am having this problem alot when producing on logic. I am using all 16 parts. How can I in the most effective way produce music with my Virus that it wont sound so muddy.

    Work at 48khz or 96khz. If you're relying that heavily on the Virus and want more clarity that's the first place to turn. There's a significant boost in clarity, openness, and reduction in amount of aliasing when the virus is generating at it's max resolution internally (48khz). To get 48khz operation while working at 88khz the only way is to run it via an external midi interface and use analog outs.

    Aside from that, go buy an analog synth. Adding something like a Minitaur to your setup will make a big difference to your sound and expand your sonic palette. I use my extra slots as scratch pads and project specific banks.. not an opportunity to use 16 sounds from the virus all in one track ;)

    I've seen that Sweetwater has announced a price drop for the whole Virus TI2... also they only have the Virus TI2 Polar on stock... Same thing with some other vendors...
    So I think that the successor for the Virus TI2 is inminent :S

    $3145 is a price drop? I still don't see a new Access product coming til next year.

    As for the OS, the last release was their best yet. I predict that the next release will go smoother than in the past. Could happen right?

    I would LOVE the option to run the Virus at 88 or 96khz internally and feel this is one of the areas holding it back sonically. I would gladly trade off the processing power to do so and anyone else could just switch to 88/96 for tracking then go back. This is my one biggest wish for the Virus. As of now the best I can do is run it at 48khz and track the audio then convert it to my 88.2khz working rate.

    It has been ooooooooooonnnne whoooooole year!!!

    The last IOS release was November. There was also another version released 4 months before that.
    Granted, these were to make the plugin more solid which wouldn't be too relevant for someone who doesn't use it much and just wants new features.

    Seriously, no OS update?! Access used to brighten up my NAMM with the OS updates every year since I bought the TI. :( What happened this year!?

    lol.. how long has it been since the last update? Not long at all. You guys should forget about constantly needing something new and go make music. Are you consumers first or musicians?