Download Virus TI Software Suite
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Release versions

The latest Release version is

Mac OS X:

The latest Public Beta version is

Mac OS X:

This versions are compatible with: Virus TI Desktop, Virus TI Keyboard, Virus TI Polar Virus TI2 Desktop, Virus TI2 Keyboard, Virus TI2 Polar, Virus TI Snow.

Public Beta versions

What is a public beta version?
We would like to take the opportunity to start an open dialog with you in order to refine this product even further. This public beta version has been thoroughly tested by a team of beta testers. Nevertheless we believe that there is always room for improvement and at this point your input is requested.

Should I use this public beta within a production or wait for a final release?
If nothing is broke it is probably a good idea to stick with the version you already have installed on your system. On the other hand, this public beta version contains refinements and bug fixes and therefore will eventually resolve issues you have with the current release version.

When will there be a final release version?
We intend to release a final version as soon as it may be proven by your feedback that no significant new bugs have been introduced. In any case we will start to release updates on a frequent basis again in order to provide faster response to reported issues and deliver enhanced functionality.