Free software updates Virus synth owners getting big things in small packages.

The best things in life are free

Virtually unknown to hardware synthesizers before, free feature upgrades put Access very high on the list for complete customer care. We were the first company to releasing such product updates on a regular basis, always reinvigorating and in some cases reinventing our products without requiring owners to buy new products. This mutually beneficial model allows us to develop great products on long lasting hardware platforms while Virus owners enjoy the free ride.

We enjoy learning from you

Our model of continual evolution is based on the simple fact Virus users actively participate in the process of improving the products they already own. Again this is mutually beneficial since we don’t have to move to a new hardware revision in order to present you with features that provide renewed value and inspiration.

What's new in OS5?

Additional Envelopes

OS5 doubles the amount of envelopes available per voice from two to four. Adding three LFOs in envelope mode, you can utilize up to seven envelope style modulation sources to shape a sound.

Watch a video on the new envelope generators

Additional global filters

Seven additional filters add character and performability. Some even go beyond conventional physics and cannot be reproduced with analog circuit design. Dive in deep and learn everything about the new filters.

Watch a video on the new filters

What's new in OS4?

Some audio first …

Here's an overview for you. Listen to all single patches with no additional effects focusing on the new Comb and Vowel filters, speaker modeling as well as the stomp box distortions in OS4.

To illustrate the capabilities of the new Arpeggiator modes we sat down and attempted to get as close as possible to the vibe you would get toying around with one of the famous modular synthesizer systems of the past.

Modular Sequencer Demo

Overdrive Stomp Boxes

OS4 for the entire Virus TI line of synthesizers brings 6 more distortion flavors to the table, modeled on vintage guitar distortion pedals. Every one of these classic pedals is famous for its distinctive character and has been exploited by some of the greatest guitar heroes of all time. The virtual stomp boxes feature carefully modeled distortion curves and tonal characteristics and include tone controls where appropriate.

Mint Overdrive - The sound of this one just screams tubes - a very special kind of overdrive which results in a wonderful smokey tone. Good for achieving a subtle distortion effect whilst still retaining headroom for dynamics.

Curry Overdrive - A more extreme distortion, like in the original, this does not feature a Tone control.

Saffron Overdrive - The "orange" one. A very harsh distortion, popular with the grunge movement.

Onion Overdrive - A big distortion effect famous for its fuzzy character.

Pepper Overdrive - A clear, powerful distortion that's perfect for making leads cut right through the mix. Tone control to soften sound with a lowpass filter.

Chili Overdrive - A classic "fuzzbox" overdrive. No tone control, just in-your-face fuzz.

Watch a video on the Stomp boxes

Comb Filter

The new comb filter creates everything from subtle, pitched overtones to extreme time-warped deconstruction of any given patch.

Watch a video on the Comb Filter

Arpeggiator To Matrix

OS4 for the Virus TI series introduces a powerful new feature that allows you use the arpeggiator pattern to modulate any of the parameters available to the modulation matrix. You can use this to create dynamic, rhythmical patterns within a sound, similar to what you can achieve with a step sequencer.

Watch a video on the new Arpeggiator

What's new in OS3?

A stunning Tape Echo

The Tape Delay goes way beyond the possibilities of the real Tape Delays of the '60s and '70s. It smoothly syncs to tempo, lets you decide if a Doppler effect takes place when changing the tempo, and even switches the delay time between presets, making it perfect for performers.

Watch a video on the Tape Delay

Ring Shifter and Modulator

The stereo Frequency Shifter and the new Ring Modulator are state of the art algorithms modelled with old '70s stomp boxes in mind.

Watch a video on the Frequency Shifter


Character allows you to adjust the overall tone of a preset reminiscent of several vintage and well-known synthesizers. In addition you can emphasis certain aspects of the patch to allow it to cut better through the mix, or fade it into the background with an extra-wide stereo field.

Watch a video on the Characters feature

New Distortion Algorithms

The new distortions were built from scratch and feature an extreme dynamic range along with sophisticated controls to tailor the sound to your specific needs. They can add everything from warm, tube-like overtones to complete sonic deconstruction more reminiscent of circuit-bending. The new algorithms also include a revamped bit and sampling-rate reduction, allowing you to change the quality and cutoff point with precise, continuously variable control.

Watch a video on new Distortions

Virus Control 3.0

Virus Control has undergone a complete UI redesign incorporating many requests we received from users. The plug-in now features a side chain input allowing you to mangle audio from a sequencer track with the FX and sound engine of the hardware Virus (for selected hosts only)

Watch a video on Virus Control 3.0


The best news, however, is that OS3 is compatible with all legacy Virus TIs and the Virus TI Snow, thus enabling Access' vast user base to update their existing instruments with all the new software features totally free of charge.