If its possible, how do i assign any parameter to one of the soft knobs? (SOLVED)

  • If its possible, how do i assign any parameter to one of the soft knobs?...

    I have been trying all day to work it out......i right click on some knobs and say add to automation or something...then when i right click on soft knobs on the easy page i can see the parameter that i just added but when i select it.....nothing happens?....i dont understand what im doing wrong..

    maybe this is the wrong place to post, if it is...sorry...

  • I'm about 1,500 miles away from my Virus right now, but...

    The way I do it is to assign one of the available midi CCs (i.e. 9, 12 etc.) to the parameter you want to effect in the mod matrix. For example, midi CC 12 to filter 1 cutoff. Then, go to the soft knob page and choose a name and assign the same midi CC used in the mod matrix. You of course don't have to use CC's exclusively as mod sources (you can use any of the available sources available in the soft knob page), but I do it that way to have control over the soft knobs with other controllers. You just have to make assignments in the mod page prior to assigning parameters to soft knobs. Hope this helps.

  • Hmm... I can't quite remember if this is possible. I feel like you may be able to select from a very limited drop down menu under each soft knob, but I can't confirm this without being next to my Virus. Otherwise I'm pretty sure you have to go through the mod matrix (although I could be wrong).

  • Yes, but it will affect the parameter "directly" (whilst, using the matrix, you can limit the range);

    On the hardware, scroll the EDIT menu until you find the pages for the soft knobs (there are three pages labeled Soft Knob # (1,2,3)). You can then select a parameter to assign using soft knob 1 (Function As...), and a name to appear on the interface using soft knob 3 (Name). "Name" will only appear when a destination is selected.

    In Virus Control you can find the same things under the menu labeled COMMON

  • and another thing!..... how do i assign ANY parameter to the lfo's? i wanted to modulate something earlier but i couldnt find a way to do it...are these just simple limitations of the virus or have i not found some special trick to add more modulation destinations?..

    i remember what it was now, it was the vowel control of the vowel filter in the fx section.

  • There's only certain destinations that you can modulate, there's a complete list in the manual IIRC.
    for the LFOs you have both the matrix and the free "ASSIGN" destination, one for each LFO.

    Also remember that some destinations have a more generic name than what you might think: to modulate the vowel, you have to select Freq Shifter Frequency, as the Vowel filter is the shifter section.

  • Only parameters that won't cause artifacts in the sound. It would be better to have a choice to use them anyway IMHO but at the moment it's not possible to automate everything via VC.