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    Not in front of my Virus so it's just a guess, but is it just that the phase of the oscillator is more pronounced due to the thickening effect of the hypersaw? Try turning the osc phase knob all the way up so that the oscillator retriggers every time a note is played. Hope this helps...

    Have you guys experimented with Hypersaw oscillators set to lowest density? With the Hypersaw, added sub-osc (which is a square), a bit of saturation and top end eq (internal) the Virus can sound pretty ruthless. While I'm all for new oscillator types, I feel like people tend to overlook the Hypersaw oscillators and/or assume they can only be used for unisoned and detuned trance-saw patches...


    Have you tried experimenting with the hypersaw oscillators? I usually turn the density all the way down and use the sub oscillator to add a square. If you turn the sub oscillator all the way up when using hypersaw you get a pure square as well.

    I also feel like the Virus is the sum of it's parts and find the eq to be quite musical. As the Virus character is naturally quite "dark," I tend to add some top end from the internal eq. Subtle saturation also goes a long way in boosting the power of the Virus' sound and I've definitely run it head to head with my Pulse and been pleased with the results.

    So I guess all I'm really saying is try the hypersaw oscillators instead of the classic and see if you prefer the sound (although I'm certainly not arguing against new oscillator types, the more the merrier)... :)

    Possible Bug:

    Begin with the "start" patch. Select hypersaw with a density of 1 for oscillator 1 (I didn't test any other oscillators). Turn unison on to any even number. Select analog 4 pole with the filter balance set to filter 1 and turn the cutoff all the ay down (again, I didn't test anything else). Turn your filter envelope, key follow, and filter velocity all the way up. Where's the sound? If you turn the unison off, the sound returns. If you turn the filter velocity off, the sound also returns.


    Thanks you for taking the time to create such a comprehensive reply. However, the crackling that is being discussed in this thread has been confirmed by Access support on a TI2 and a Mac and relates to either resource shortages (on the part of the Virus) or something else yet to be determined. The biggest point to note is that users are getting crackles when running Virus Control that do not happen in stand alone and that these crackles are not (necessarily) related to compatibility issues.

    Oh, it is also worth mentioning that crackling happens a lot when I make my own patches and automate parameters (I hear it pretty frequently when I use the "analog" filter and automate the cutoff).

    Here are some additional patches that showed some crackling, taken from the first bank of the "pad" category: Lonely MS, Aerosol J, Alpad1 BB, ArcScan RD, Astr@, BP Pad XM, BPF+2P! @, BeautySyn@, BellTineRD, BluePl@ne2, Cabinet MS, Chimera RD, Choir 4 BC

    It is worth noting that most of these pads employ unison and that the 2 that don't are still resource intensive (as indicated by the resource meter). It is also worth noting that on some of the patches the crackling only appeared during the first loop cycle (I made a 4 bar midi loop in Live).



    From your description, it sounds like you're confusing audio and midi channels. The Virus is 16 part multitimbral meaning that you can have 16 midi channels playing at once (provided you do not run out of polyphony), but as with most hardware you will not have a corresponding hardware out for each midi part. As far as hardware synths go, the 6 usb/hardware outs of the Virus is quite generous.

    To get around the limited number of audio channels, there are a few things you can do.

    1. You can record each part to audio right away to free up audio channels for additional sounds.

    2. You can group similar sounds to the same outputs, i.e. all basses to outs 1/2, all leads to 3/4, all pads to 5/6 etc.

    3. You can put some sounds into mono, i.e. basses and drums. For instance you could put a sub bass on audio channel 1 and a kick on channel 2. I'm not familiar with Reaper, but you should have no problem then centering each mono channel (so they don't just come out of the left or right speaker). In Ableton, there is a handy utility plug which allows you to force mono and/or narrow the stereo field.

    Hope this helps.

    I also only have crackling with Virus Control. I will try and go through other patches in the factory soundbank to see which are causing crackling.

    Ace17: That's really interesting about the "Chapel" patch because if I'm not mistaken, you are also using a TI1 desktop. While I'm sure you were on top of it, it is worth mentioning that it can be harder to hear the crackling with heavy effects and the filter(s) open.

    I don't know if this info will help Access but it seems that the crackling happens before the effects chain. In other words, if you apply a reverb, the crackles will also have reverb.

    If this problem can be fixed I will be so stoked! The Virus is by far my favorite sounding digital synthesizer.


    Thanks for taking the time to offer some thoughts. The thing that gets me though, is that I do not experience crackling when using the Virus in standalone. I am also not talking about using the Virus multitimbrally, but simple chords on a single channel. For me, I get crackling under these conditions on many of the factory presets (particularly pads). The patch "complexity" meter doesn't really serve as an indicator either as I can get crackles on 2 bar patches. I have confirmed this problem with several other users as well as Jorg from Access Music (using a very resource intensive patch that I sent him).

    What I can't understand is why more users aren't complaining about this? At first I thought the problem was setup specific but after communicating with Jorg and several other users I'm pretty sure it's across the board. For instance, take a patch like "Chapel," play some 4 note chords, and you should get crackling. Sometimes I only get crackling at the beginning of a loop, and then it largely settles, coming back seemingly randomly. The thing is, even if I can get a clean loop the second time around (not that I can with certainty), the beginning of the phrase is smeared by the release/reverb/delay tails from the end notes of the previous phrase. I have tried everything from giving my sequences several bars in the beginning so the Virus can "adjust," to leaving blank bars at the end of phrases so as to circumvent release/reverb/delay bleed. Nothing has worked.

    As a side note, the best way to really hear what's happening is to close the filter(s) and turn off the effects.

    Finally, I can't understand why Marc/Access are so mum about this on their own troubleshooting forum? To tell me to wait patiently (it's been months since my first post about this issue) while no one from Access will officially confirm/disconfirm/test this issue is pretty offensive. Why have a support forum at all?

    Last ditch effort here.

    I have tried to work with support. I have tried to ask for help on the forum. I have been totally polite. I have a problem that is reproducible by other users. My support requests have been totally abandoned.

    Marc/Access, please confirm/disconfirm the crackling issue. The coolest companies are the ones that say "oh yeah, that's a bug, we're working on it." I have gotten nothing. Marc, you have spent time posting replies to users calling the Virus "junk," but will not take the time to give me a response after months of polite posting (this is not my first thread about crackling).

    It seems to me that many users give up on Virus Control for various reasons, but up until this point I have always found workarounds. I like Virus Control. It's an integral part of the TI line. Even your tutorials focus on it.

    Well, I can't use it due to crackling.

    If I don't hear back in the next week or so, my Virus is going on Craigslist/Ebay. I hate to do it, I have had it since Jan '06 and I LOVE the Virus sound, but it's not worth it to me if I can't use VC.


    why are you asking ?? what do you think about Virus hypersaw ? ?(

    Oh, I was just asking because I find the hypersaw/square oscillators to be quite powerful, particularly when used with a bit of filter saturation. I haven't had a Nord since '99 though, so I can't make a comparison.

    I'm not trying to interfere with your request, however, I was just asking in case you were only talking about the classic oscillators.


    I know you told me not to bump this, but seriously? It's been over 2 weeks since you first said you were going to look into this. What are you going to look into?

    How about this, take one of the complex pads that you've made (such as "chapel"), sequence some chords (preferably across 2 octaves using at least 4 notes at a time) and let the board know if you're experiencing crackling when using VC.

    I have confirmed this, other members have confirmed it, why can't Access come onto their own support forum and actually chime in? This is making the Virus unusable with VC for myself and at least several other users.

    Hey Dave,

    I don't know a thing about Fruity Loops but are you having problems with playback latency (sequences being on time) or input (playing your controller keyboard)?

    From my experience, latency is largely the nature of the beast in terms of (usb) input (like, don't expect to play 32nd notes in realtime), but sequences should playback with sample accuracy.

    It might be a long shot (or obvious), but make sure the "live" button is disabled during playback. Also, the analog outs don't playback with sample accuracy.

    Oh, and Marc, just so you know this conversation is also happening in the feature request forum under the post about a patch editor.

    Ace17 was able to reproduce the crackling on his setup with a Live project that I sent him. He then sent me a Live set with a patch he made that showed consistent results (in terms of crackling).

    One thing he noted is that the "live" button seems to have an effect. For instance, on the patch he sent me, enabling the live button would lead to a "pop" sound on every 5th note. On the other hand, the project I sent him would crackle far less with the live button depressed (but in turn, compromise timing).