Virus TI on a USB hub, will this work?

  • Hi, it can work, although it can happen that there may be sync problems after some time and you need to restart. It has something to do with USB components etc.

    In another discussion some guy from Access proposed to use one fast hub exclusively for the TI and plug the remaining devices to a second hub. iLok, Mouse, Keyboard do not need much bandwith so it´s no prob.

    Ever since I have done this I did not have any syncing problems, so it seems to work.


  • Is the Snow USB 2.0?.. afaik the Ti and Ti2 are USB 1.1..
    As far as use on a hub, iirc, all USB 1.1/1.0 devices share a single 12nbps link so this means that you only want ONE USB 1.0/1.0 device on the hub..the Virus.. other (USB 2.0) devices do not conflict with this b/w.....
    of course this may not be gospel, hence the afaik and iirc (senility notwithstanding!)

  • Just to wrap it all up - it depends on what goes where. It is best if the VIrus doesn't have any competitors for bandwidth going to and from its root hub (hence avoid storage, networking and other high quality audio devices such as your Babyface) including integrated devices on the motherboard. On top of that, it is best if the Virus doesn't have any competitors for the USB1.1 badwidth around the local hub, meaning it is either the only USB1.1 device there or that the HUB is based on a multi-TT chipset.

  • you should give the TI one of the two available USB ports and put an USB TT hub in between the port and the TI. don't connect anything else. use another hub and the second USB port to connect the rest. i have no experience with that certain usb hub you've mentioned but belkin makes great 7 port hubs. those work good for us.
    best, marc
    ps. read the setup guide, there is loads of info in there.