Anyone opened their TI to fix keys?

  • Hi,

    Im looking to see if anyone has opened their TI to do a DIY fix on their keys?

    The reason being is that recently after some err 'expressive' sessions on the ti, I've noticed a slight issue with one or two of the keys on my Ti 1 keyboard.

    You know when you completely play a key, it bottoms out to a kind of spongy smotth feel? One or two of my keys feel as though when they bottom out its as if the key is hitting the metal and produces a difinite twang... I don't know if this is due to wear and tear or due to me hitting them too hard (probabbly a combonation of both) Has anyone been through this or had any luck doing repairs??

    Not urgent tbh as the keys do work, however it is an irritation and I wan't to get it sorted... I would so much prefer to NOT have to cart it off somewhere as thats a load of hastle.

    I am quite comfortable working with internal PC hardware and general DIY stuff cars bikes etc... I've never opened up synths, however im expecting basically a computer with a keyboard attached?

    Anyone got any advice?

    Cheers all

  • First!... make sure your Virus IS OUT OF WARRANTY! then...

    The keybed/keyboard assembly usually disconnects as a seperate unit, so just a few connectors to unplug usually...

    Then just dismantle each key and service as you need, it is time consuming, do not rush, and dont FORCE ANYTHING...

    If you have to force it, you are doing it wrong!

    Be brave! be daring! be cautious and you will be fine... 8)

    I am a service tech with umpteen years of experience, and all i will say is


    No dangerous voltages inside whilst unplugged, so live & learn my friend...

    The keys are usually just worn contact strips, or broken keys,

    Im sure Access will sell spares if required like Roland, Korg etc...

    Good luck! :thumbup:

  • Haha I like your way of thinking: "Be brave! be daring! be cautious and you will be fine... 8) " Thats the way I always like to approach these sorts of things!

    Its a TI1 keyboard which I got new about 3 or 4 (maybe 5?) years ago i think.... how long is the access warrenty?... Im pretty sure mine will be out of warrenty tbh.

    Thanks for the tips, no chance of electric shock so providing care is taken should be reasonably straight forward!

    Many Thanks!

    If required I'll have a look MarPabl but I'm in UK so might be an issue there!