Virus TI USB problem

  • I am trying to connect the Virus TI via USB to a iMac and I get this message . ''Because a USB device is drawing too much power from your computer, one or more of the USB devices have been disabled''

    After contacting Access Music they said that this behaviour is not normal and suggested to send the unit to service partner for checking the USB port. After inspection Access service partner says the unit is working properly and send it back. Which brings us to today, attached 2 vid's showing what is still going on when I try to connect the Virus with the iMac via USB

    The question is simple:

    • why does this message appears on the iMac when I try to connect the Virus unit to the USB port?
    • what can be done to solve this issue and have the unit running as it supposed to be?

    Wondering if any members have encountered similar issues with the USB port, tried to contact Access support but they seem to be quite busy these days.

  • just to add USB ports are confirmed by Apple service to be working properly

    could you please check the readings within th e USB tab in system profiler? the virus i have connected right now shows the following:

    Virus TI:

    Product ID: 0x0815
    Vendor ID: 0x133e
    Version: 1.00
    Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec
    Manufacturer: Access Music
    Location ID: 0xfa130000 / 7
    Current Available (mA): 500
    Current Required (mA): 0

    as you can see, the virus is not requiring any power.


  • ok the virus is not requiring any power and as Apple service confirms USB ports are working properly

    the manager doesn't see the Virus at the USB profile at all

    so why does this message appears and I can't connect my Virus to the USB port?

    how can this be fixed?

  • Problem with Virus TI Desktop at initial setup:

    I keep this getting this error every time is connect the virus to my macbook pro 15 2011. "USB Devices Disabled, Unplug the device using too much power to re-enable USB devices"

    I've tried everything and spent two hours on the phone with apple troubleshooting the issue to no avail. please help. because the computer isn't even recognizing the connected virus, I haven't been able to perform initial firmware updates during the driver installation process.

    I also tried hooking up the virus to a friends macbook pro 13 2014 and i didn't get this error message ... so it appears it's only my laptop. both my USB ports are fully functional..midi key board and audio interface work fine in either port as well as external mouse and keyboard. switching usb ports arounds/cables/plugging in only the virus..etc nothing works. ideas appreciated. thanks

  • same... still no solution

  • hello I am forced to plug and unplug several times the Souven ti virus because there is no midi note passing or baucoup latencies or the virus is very low with asio driver or bitaccurate

    bonjour je suis obliger de brancher et débrancher plusieur fois le virus ti souven car il n'y a pas de notes midi qui passe ou avec baucoup de latences ou le son du virus est tres faible avec asio driver ou bitaccurate

  • I'm facing USB issues again. Bah, it's been over 6 years of using the Virus on & off.

    USB trouble has been consistent, except for one point when I switched to Reaper, I no longer had to restart to get VC to notice the Virus, this was somewhere along OS X 10.7 on a Mac Pro. But, that was followed by Arp timing issues.

    Now, on a MBP late 2013, while I agree there are a ton of USB devices connected, I really don't see what the Virus' fuss is. There are two Apple non-Thunderbolt displays connected, which expand the MBP's 2 USB ports to 6. The Virus is given one entire display for it's power hungry needs. Only other devices are interface and a Maschine hooked to the 2nd display.

    I constantly get Audio or MIDI driver fail at launch, no port changing or restarting seems to work, unless I hook it straight to the laptop and disconnect most other devices. If I didn't enjoy the convenience of VC, I would have ditched it years ago.

    Will a powered hub, make a difference? I assumed the Display acted as a powered hub.

    Is there a solution, without losing my other devices? Current required for the Virus shows 0. I also understand, bandwidth isn't the issue. Marc, it would be great if you could tell us why the USB is so flakey? :( Thank you.

  • what error do you get...
    (sorry your post confuses me, it talks alot about usb issues, but not specfically what is happening, what is going wrong)

    btw, the fuss has nothing to do with power , or bandwidth , its usually about transaltation of usb 1.1 to 2/3.0 , google MTT usb hubs

  • Ok, sorry about the confusion.

    With the Virus connected to the ports on the Display, I consistently get either "Audio Driver" or "MIDI Driver" failed due to too many USB connections apparently. But, after making the post, I tried just hooking up the Virus and Interface and it still shows the error. It seems unhappy, if any other device is connected or if connected via a hub.

    With the Virus connected to the USB port on the Mac, firstly it doesn't play consistently, most notes don't fire. On turning 'LOCAL' on, it plays okay but occasionally gets stuck notes (every 3 or 4 notes). This is all on the Virus' keyboard. Strangely it plays fine if I use any other device to trigger the keys.

    I realised, it's nothing to do with power or bandwidth. But, I need something which works when I turn it on. Would a USB hub solve this? I looked into MTT. Found a cheap one, not powered though, but full bandwidth on each port. Do you think, this would fix the issue?

    I don't even mind using MIDI and Audio cables to transfer the data across. I just need VC to open reliably. :(

  • which version of mac osx are yous using, and which virus os?
    what sample rate?

    can you post a screen shot of the error you get ( which you refer to midi driver failed), id like to see the exact wording

    when you have it connected to usb, it will always turn local off - that is correct behaviour (yes i dont like it either),
    it is assumed you will connect a daw ( or similar) which will route virus synth in to virus synth out,
    or as you say you can turn local on.
    ( there is logic in this behaviour, but not thats a bit off topic)

    as i mentioned on the other post you made , if you are using osx 10.9 and virus os 5.0.7, the you must use 44khz sample rate , if you use 48khz it WILL cause midi issues ... this bug surfaced in 5.0.7, on 10.8/5.0.3 i used 48khz with not issue.

    hub, should not require power so , yes, if you have a 2.0 hub already, then why not try it with only the virus pluged into it.
    i reported to access an issue i had on 10.8/5.0.3 with with the usb 3 ports (on 'display') on a new iMac, i resolved this by using a usb 2.0 hub ( was powered) - this issue no longer exists on 10.9/5.0.7.

    ps. id avoid midi cables, my testing has shown clock sync is unreliable via midi cables when you are passing a large amount of midi data - not a virus issue (i think) just the limitation of the midi din specs, midi via usb is much more reliable (for me) can can cope with much high midi data volumes, and so keep clock in sync

    Marc , please could you test some of these issues ive reported, and acknowledge them.... i like helping people on the forum, but its getting tiring advising of the same issue ( usb 3 on new imacs and 48 khz issue) - surely this is something Access support should be doing?

  • I'm on 10.9, just upgraded to 10.9.2 as of this morning. Virus OS is 5.0.7

    I'm running at 48KHz. Haven't used 44.1 in a while. :(

    What kind of MIDI issues pop up with 48? In my case, VC doesn't even fire up. I'll paste the message in here, in a bit, once I'm in the studio.

    Is it the stuck notes and note trigger issues? That seems to affect only the Virus keybed. My other MIDI controller seems to trigger and play the VC fine. (Note: VC works for me only when I directly hook it to the laptop). But, there is definitely an issue.

    I tried using an non-powered hub, but was getting the same message I received from the display ports. I managed to find a MTT powered hub. But, before I pick one up, I guess VC needs to work on 10.9.

    I loved the USB VC feature on the Virus, it spoiled me. So, imagine, I'm trying to resort to MIDI cables from the 80's if I can operate the Virus smoothly. :(

    Is Access working on a fix for the OS X 10.9 issue? Would like to know how long I won't be able to use Virus Control.