Best sound card to use with the Virus TI

  • Good Day all,

    I'm hoping that I can explain this properly and that someone has seen this situation and knows the solution.

    I currently have an SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro (PCI) that I can't really use effectively because it's sample size is 96, 192 bytes (etc), not the 128 or 256 bytes that the Virus wants. Now even though I can dismiss the warning message, I have found that using this incompatible sample size makes the virus very laggy with a delay after hitting a key on my MIDI keyboard much greater than the reported latency (ms) of my system.

    To resolve this problem I have to use my Virus as a sound card. This however presents the problem that I only get 3 outs and can't use an In for the atomizer.

    1). Is it just the USB-In that is disabled when I am using the TI as a soundcard? Can I use the 2 1/4 in inputs on the Virus to use the atomizer and still record the data into my DAW?

    2.) If I need to use another audio interface, can someone recommend a quite good sound card (USB, PCI or PCI-E) with compatible sample sizes (128, 256) that works well with the TI (very low latency) so that I can use the TI's input. XLR with 48v on the sound card would be ideal.

    And now for a completely unrelated question, has anyone been able to use Ableton on a PC and Logic Pro 9 on a Mac and connected them via MIDI and been able to make them sync so that you can make them play together?

  • In my experience Sound Blaster are very poor sound cards for use with DAWs...

    What's your budget for a sound card or audio interface? You can get anything that will be just about good enough to make your DAW run from say 50 quid or you can pay over £1000 for something fancy with dancing flashy lights etc...

  • Actually, the Soundblaster cards which offer 24 bit sample width and a digital output are not that bad if you are only using softsynths and mix inside the box. The only thins is that you have to make sure you are using it with ASIO, and not WDM.

    That very well may be true, I'm working off my own experience going back 10 years ago now, plus all my tutors at college hated Sound Blaster then, maybe they got better?