Help! Sound cut out Virus Ti :(

  • Hi guys,

    In the middle of an important project and deadline and I'm getting a problem with my Ti cutting out. I simply cant figure it out.


    Here's the steps I do to re-create the problem in Ableton 9. If anyone can help me I'd be so very grateful.

    1) Open A9 32-bit on Win 7 64-bit Machine
    2) Place Ti on MIDI Channel.
    3) Draw in notes. Plays for a bit.
    4) Suddenly sound stops.

    OK so I've opened the plug and realised that what is happening is suddenly the Patch Volume goes to zero - all by itself!!!!!!

    On A9 Prefs I turn ALL track and remote MIDI inputs OFF.

    BINGO - no issues!!! Then turn back on ONLY the Virus. Still no issues!

    Seems like the problem is being cause by MIDI coming from another piece of equipment, thus turning the patch vol down to zero. PHEW!

    Now to find out what!

    NOTES: USB drivers are all up to date. Virus Ti Driver is latest. Windows Updates done. Cable plugged DIRECTLY into com (no hub).

  • What's your setup exactly (is there lot of midi hardware etc.?) and what's your virus model? I've been witnessing lot of strange things which my Polar does by itself.. I've been calling these "ghost notes" or "ghost CCs". I am not saying that you have things like mine but it's one possibility that your Virus (at least if it's keyboard model) generares volume pedal messages on it's own. I have had few cases when suddenly foot pedal is like pressed down but I didn't even have pedal connected. Spooky... On the other hand these ghosts aren't typically predictable: they don't seem to follow any logic.

  • If a specific parameter does not change anymore after switching off all Midi inputs, then the Virus definitely gets either a Midi Controller or Midi SysEx message from an external Midi controller, master keyboard or similar. Since the unit has a lot of its parameters set to react to Midi Continuous Controllers, this definitely can happen if a controller/master keyboard is transmitting a certain Midi CC number on a knob/fader or similar.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner