Phaser synchronal

  • Hello all !

    My Name is Daniel im from Germany and im new blablabla : D

    So excuse my English please i will give my Best !

    I make my Question quick, if you want to know more about me you can ask me .

    Im registred without Virus btw, maybe i registrated allready before.

    I have the Virus TI Desktop.

    And im happy with it, but im not a Programmer so maybe you can help me...

    As the Top say allready i want to make the Phaser Effect in the Rhytm, so that it has a clear Line to follow.

    That the effect is in the Beat and not "wild" if this is the right Word. Thank you !
    Daniel from Germany !

  • <Hello thx for your Answer i will try all this now !
    Its not easy to understand because of my Englisch !

    So i first tried to check the Phasers LFO there are 3 Pages :

    Mix, Freuquency and Feedback

    Mod Rate and Mod Depth

    Stages and Spread


    Where is the "notch filter"

    I have now found out in MOD Select i can chooseLFO2 bipolar and unipolar and i can put it there together with Phaser Mod rate to an running LFO ?

    I want the LFO open slowly the Filtercut or Phaser, that its complete open after maybe 30 Seconds. But there is the Maximum 16/1
    You know what i mean ?
    Is there only us 2 on this Page

  • Well, I actually tested it so that I am not just talking from memory.

    Option 1:
    On the LFO effect page 2/3 set both Mod Rate = 0 and Mod Depth = 0. Set stages and spread to suit your taste. Set phaser freq. to middle position. Go to LFO1 (or LFO2) and go to its assignable slot and set it to phaser frequency (alternatively you can use the LFO as a source in the modulation matrix). Set the assign amount to your taste, and start playing with the LFO shape and timing.

    Option 2:
    Use other destinations instead of phaser frequency: (a) filter 1 (and/or 2) frequency when they are set to BS (band stop = notch) (b) EQ mid frequency

    16/1 means 16 beats and the timing depends on your tempo. 32 BPM should give you 30 sec, while you can shorten the original notes to play at the original speed.

    Maybe phasers are not that popular anymore?

  • Maybe phasers are not that popular anymore?

    I use phasers all the time, but the excellent ones in the Virus FX section. No point making your own... i prefer to devote the time to making music 8) Jean Michel jarre has lots of juicy phased solina strings which the Virus FX cover very nicely indeed... But having said that programming is still a positive way to improve your knowledge of the Virus structure.
    Good luck! :thumbup: