Arp in Hz?

  • Thanks for the reply! I also have a Nord Lead, and it has the option for a clocked or freerunning arp. Wasn't sure if this was standard or common, but i guess not. I was looking to make a patch that was a repeated note that slowly built up speed, ideally modulating the filter and amp envelopes over the build, til the arp was effectively a continuous sound. BPM is an interesting thing to look at, but it would have to be controlled manually I assume

  • You can kinda create an arp effect with a square wave LFO (1) modulating volume, and that have another one (LFO 2) gradually increase the rate of LFO 1. The problem I'm facing with this approach is the note length... I was hoping to have a really fast decay for the repeated note, but with a square wave LFO the note length is fixed, as far as I know at least. Suggestions?

  • You can adjust the width of the LFO square wave with the Contour control in the LFO section. That may adjust your note length.

  • I hadn't figured out what Contour did yet

    You might download the TI2 Reference Manual from the Access website. It will tell you the functions of the Contour control on all the LFO waves, plus a whole lot more! :)