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    Heh - didn't even realize, as I use my workaround for sound design purposes - really fun when 2 or more parameters are linked on the same controller. The parameter initializing is definitely an issue for performers. Kinda sucks! At least when you press "edit" on the distortion section the distortion mix is right there on page one, probably what I would be doing if I were a performer.

    Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while - hope everyone is getting along safely!

    Oli, how about you control distortion mix using the internal virus controllers? I managed to get it working - provided I understood your issue correctly...

    -Set Distortion type to anything

    -Set Distortion mix to 0

    -Matrix - Slot 5 - set source to Controller 15

    -Matrix - Slot 5 - set destination slot 1 to Distortion mix. Set amount to +63 (full right)

    -Under the common page, set soft knob 1 destination to Control 15

    -For fun, give it the name "Destroy"

    Also tested with the vowel filter frequency, works like a charm!

    I'm not saying that a 100% constant wouldn't have been nice but the above workaround is possible.

    Sounds really nice, especially the bass is very pumpy, lots of distorted and animated FX :) Are the snares/kicks as well included? Kinda wish it also included "proper" leads and pads and it would have been much more attractive...any chance you can specify the distribution of the presets, like x many bass x many FX and so on? Maybe a screenshot of the names of the presets? (if those specify the type)

    If you set the Distortion Mix to zero, and change any distortion parameters: type, tone, etc. you can hear that this affects your sound.
    So how does that Mix setting actually work?

    I have no idea how (techically) the mix setting is working but I am impressed you actually managed to hear such subtle differences, I was using a simple saw wave and I can verify the above. However I know this: Even in my DAW, if I set an effect in a channel, having the effect completely off is rarely (maybe never) equal to having the effect on but with wet amount =0. Because the effect is on I guess even a mix of 0 still applies to the sound but very subtly. In the virus you can hear similar subtle effects with chorus as well, especially air chorus, have a go at air chorus mix = 0 VS chorus off.

    Additionally, I noticed that on my Ti2 Desktop - if you hold shift and turn the "Type/MIx" knob, you should be able to adjust the mix, but nope!
    For some reason, shift does not work with that knob, you are only able to adjust the distortion type. This really feels like they intentionally made MIX obsolete.

    This knob depends on the effect you are applying. In distortion for instance this knob controls the type while in phaser it actually controls mix, hence the knob is labeled "type/mix" and not "type" or "mix". The shift button controls the lower parameter of a knob if said knob has 2 parameters labeled. For instance the noise volume has 2 parameters labeled - noise volume and ring mod below. Here, shift+noise volume controls ring mod amount.

    Hi, I don't have any issues with my setup: I'm also on 64bit but my FL is still on 20.0.3. Not sure if it matters but my version is licensed...

    To be fair I just realized that i was using vst is v2.4 (not v3). It took a while until I managed to load v3, I had to rescan my plugins (verify plugins enabled) and UNtick "combine vst and vst3 plugins", I attach a relevant screenshot:


    I also would recommend you re-install your virus and follow the above procedure.

    Also make sure that you have correct wrapper settings:


    I am not sure if mine are "correct" but i do know that they work. Note that these screenshots are from a blank project so I have not assigned the outputs here...

    Let me know how it goes!

    Hi JoPo, as it seems that both Oli and GESchwalm are experiencing other...technical difficulties, i'll try and reproduce this (sorry for, uh, invading:)

    Yes i confirm that my virus behaved the same way. It's indeed weird, its essentially LFO 3 somehow controlling the filterbank frequency modulation rate although LFO 3 is not really connected to it. It's not connected to anything actually...

    Please see attached pictures for your reference. All other parameters are set to their default values except from OSC balance which I had it set 100% OSC 1 because I wanted to concentrate on a single OSC.

    I simply cannot explain this. I'm sorry I cant help more but at least you may relax; there is nothing wrong with your unit and you did not miss anything, at least to the best of my knowledge. Maybe try to modulate the vowel with a normal S&H LFO instead of using the modmatrix to get what you are after.

    Very interesting find!

    EDIT: I also replicated the same behavior without the DAW - directly on the synth. Note that the parameter here is named FreqShifter Freq.

    ghost modulation.jpg

    I have never ever seen this feature even in vst plugins, if it exists please correct me...freerunning arp, wow. Out of genuine interest, what are you trying to accomplish? Does changing the bpm of your project help?

    Reviving this thread... for those that followed NAMM 2019, waldorf did release the Kyra (valkery), do you guys still think it's a spiritual successor to Ti2? To me, it doesn't sound like a virus or how I imagined a TI3 would sound like, but it has a lot similar characteristics/specs to the TI series...

    I'll have to wait 5 seconds or more until I see the change.

    You mean on the screen? Does the change actually happen, i.e. sonically? (is that a word?)

    Also out of curiosity, what made you first decide that the virus should be the master clock? Maybe try slaving your virus and see if it changes behavior. I'm letting my audio interfaces deal with clock issues and my synths as slaves, didn't really notice what you are reporting. I don't suppose it's your screen "refresh" rate right? (config-knob behaviour-display time)

    Our pleasure :)

    By the way you may still encounter voice stealing but it's really obvious when in multi mode and using many channels (voices) at the same time. It like "silences" some sounds. In multi mode there is also a "priority" setting you can play around with if in multi mode.

    If what you are saying is true, which probably is, I guess this is just a software issue then. All in all, all synths have their pros and cons, even when it comes down to technical issues, having myself also a couple of other hardware synths.

    Let us know if you find out anything of interest from access!

    Since I'm using an older OS than you guys I also need to try in the name of science:p

    OK I'm trying now midi from PC to virus (no TI) using patch Atx BassMS.

    See attached recording. I was doing the above steps one by one. It was going fine until I actually introduced amp release...I then even increased the voices which had a similar effect. 120 bpm, all 16 notes files for demonstration purposes.

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    Here's another thing to try, probably stupid but...

    You are using sequencers in a "loop" fashion right? If the virus has an issue catching never will. So, what if you started your loop say on the 14th bar, i.e. a bit earlier? Does that make a difference?

    I have the exact same settings apart from device ID (I have it set to Omni) which shouldn't be an issue. I'm using my virus via a midi cable only when I'm playing "freestyle" and even then the closest i can get to emulate a sequencer is when I enable the arp mode on my midi keyboard with no isses...I guess you could try and downgrade - I'm using 5.1.1. But i'm quite certain that if this were an OS bug people would have already reported it in here.

    You could also try a soft reset - switch your unit completely off and take off all cables apart from the power cable. Hit and hold the arp edit button for 5-10 secs and release.

    I agree that it appears that the issue is on the virus side and specifically on the midi in side. I also understand that you got this virus used so I wouldnt be surpised if the seller had no idea about this issue, if he was using it only via TI.

    Still thinking...

    If you press config on your virus, there are 3 pages of settings related to midi. There is another one called "audio clock". Please share your settings.

    If you can, also use the virus via a midi keyboard and let us know how timing goes. Make sure that the usb cable is disconnected.

    IMHO you may need to check the midi settings on your sequencer. Usually when people have timing issues is when the virus is used in the TI fashion so your case is indeed currently odd.

    Having reconsidered your application, the thing is, if you apply amp env via the matrix it does not "offset" the amp env already being applied if you apply negative amounts; it doubles the application of amp env and by what I understand the amp env takes precedence over the matrix amp env in the signal flow.

    It's not that sound design on the virus is generally difficult but your exact specific application may not be possible due to the inherent limitation of having a synth with a 95% fixed architecture... Judging by my other non-modular synths only, there is no way to completely bypass the amp env.

    I know it's not really the same, have you tried the Noise FM mode?

    That´s a good idea. However, applying ENV3/4 or an LFO (EnvMode) to NOISE Volume seems to sound different. IMO it`s not shaping like a real envelope...

    I was just playing a around a pure noise patch...It's indeed weird. If you apply ENV3/4 to noise volume, it seems to be conflicting with the normal AMP ENV that will always impact noise volume and which cannot be bypassed. Unless if I somehow missed something. Even tried applying negative and zero modulation to the AMP ENV targeting the noise volume if that makes any sense. I would consider applying an LFO, specifically in ENV mode, depending on your needs.

    It also sounds like you really need the OSC section to be independent from the noise section so why not use another patch and then layer them? For pure noise patches I usually use a vst, I don't want to waste one of the precious channels on my virus :)

    Now if you need common effects to be applied on both the OSC and the noise (for example a very specific phaser) you could also create a sort of "sub-patch" by controlling either manually or via a macro OSC VOL and noise vol in the OSC section...