Patch librarian question

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am a complete newbie to the Virus TI2, and am trying to understand the best way of managing patches and transferring them to and from my PC. From the promotional stuff I read before buying it, it looked as though I could export patches from the PC to the Virus, and vice versa, over USB using the Virus Control software, but I now learn that the VC isn't standalone but is a plug-in to be used with a DAW.

    The problem is that I am hardware only, and don't use a DAW. My main instrument is a Korg Kronos, which transfers patches very easily using USB, and to be honest I have never got on with transferring synth patches using Sysex and MIDI-Ox - too unreliable. I really don't want to go back there...

    I've found one or two standalone librarians (Mystery Islands, Ctrlr etc), which might do the job but look as though they won't work with USB. Judging from what little I have read on the forum, there seems to be some frustration that Access haven't produced a simple standalone librarian.

    So, if I can't do it that way, it looks as though I will have to install a DAW of some sort. I haven't gone down that route before, because I get sick of staring at screens in my ordinary life and have no wish to do it when I am making music. I wouldn't be using the DAW to make music, and the only aspect of VC I want is the patch librarian and transfer part, since I will edit and create patches on the Virus itself.

    I've looked at Pro Tools First, but I don't think it will install third-party plug-ins. I've just looked at the free Cakewalk by Bandlab, which says that it does accept them. Have any other users used this programme in conjunction with VC, and does it work okay? Or does anyone have any other suggestions for a standalone librarian or cheap DAW that might help me resolve this problem? I'd appreciate any help.