Upgrading from Cubase SX3 , what next????

  • Hi Im due for a musical application software upgrade and Im not sure which package will work best Cubase 4, 5 Or even ABleton 8. Im currently using Cubase SX3 which works quite well for me ,apart from one problem I keep getting - when I play my midi keyboard into a track and record, every note records slightly behind what it should, its not a quantize issue and my latency is spot on. y I get around this by going into fine edit, block mark the part ive just recorded and drag it back to where it should be (aprox a 16th behing where cubase puts it ) . Ive had this problems for a while and I cant seem to fix it, no matter what hardware I use, even with the Virus TI2.

    Anyway Im testing a version of ableton 8 live and it seems a bit daunting to use with a virus ti . It seems very complicated setting all the midi tracks up and Ive still not got it working properly, Ive only managed to get up to 4 channels at the most working altogether.

    Ive not used cubase 4 or 5 yet, so im looking for some other opinions. Will they iron out the problem Ive got above or is sx3 suitable and am i doing something wrong.

    With ableton live - it must be good when its set ok as so many people use it, but then again its more complicated to mix your track down, you have to insert an audio track and bounce all your tracks onto it as the other mixdown options dont work using a TI.

  • I personaly use Cubase 4 with its update also and believe me the Virus Ti is perfect!!!! records on Time with no problems at all, the Arp is allways on time and there is no delay.

    If you use cubase stay with Cubase and the lay out is so much easier with Cubase 4 and 5, i have tried Abelton my self and i dont like it, dont get me wrong its a powerfull Daw but if your not doing live stuff stick with Cubase.

    I am going to get Cubase 5 update soon so if you want my feeb back on that also just drop me a mesg.

    With the Notes being recorded slightly behind as you say, Dont worry to much about that i have noticed that also in cubase Sx3, Daws do this thing for some reason but can easily be fixed, is it being delayed from in front of the midi or from behind the middle note..?

    You maye also want to check your Key sensitiveity settings Middi controller, i believe they also have curve settings or delay responce on keys when you press on them.

    Make sure you Sound card is up to date with its llatest firmware.

    Also you stated you had Sx3.try also updating to Cubase Sx3.5 something like that in the steinberg web site.

    What System are you useing..? Mac or Pc, what Sound card are you using also.

  • Have you tried checking off the system time stamp option for your midi interface in the midi option settings of device panel in Cubase? This fixed the issue for me.

    I have Cubase 4 and 5, and the Virus works very, very well in both of these. If you know Cubase already, the switch to a higher version will be seamless. I would recommend going straight for 5. Lots of goodies added, increased work flow, bug fixes and of course it is current so will still be updated where as Cubase 4 will not. I do believe Cubase 5 has a trial out now if you already own a synchrosoft dongle. If you are using a pirated SX3 then you are out of luck on the trail.