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    Ha-ha, No did not miss the Mayan calendar reference, but i was just giving Access an extra 10 days to finally release OS5 (31-12-2012)

    I wouldn't blame them if they were all too busy getting drunk and getting fat on Turkey over that period of time, I know that's what I intend to do! This is of course presuming the world does not in fact end, not suggesting that I believe it will! lol

    Hi there, I'm not sure if this will sort out your requirements exactly but I'll explain to you how I go about playing my Virus Polar live with my metal band I play with. This will also be assuming you're using a Polar or Keyboard..

    I also use Ableton Live, I have up to 16 midi channels set up, and I set the input of each one to the Virus, I'm not at my studio at the moment so I'm recalling from memory but I think there's two Virus options, synth and midi or something like that (I think midi is the one you need to go for), you'll probably have to experiment to work out which unless you wait until I'm next at my studio, or someone else can jump in here and correct me? Anyways next you'll need to change the channels of each midi channel, to 1, 2, 3 and so on, and then you'll need to set the midi channels to send to the Virus, once again I think there's 2 options, I think this time it's synth you need to choose, and you'll also need to set the channels, 9 times out of 10 you'll find you'll be receiving and sending on the same channels. When you're playing the Polar or Keyboard and the Virus has part 1 selected, it's will send midi on channel 1, when it's in part 2 it will send midi on channel 2 etc etc. You can scroll through the parts easily using the "part" buttons to the right of the lcd screen, and this is how I quickly load up the sounds I'm playing on keys.

    I noticed you mentioned about having sequenced midi parts playing, I'd personally recommend against having live sequenced midi playing, unless you can justify it as this will just give your computer more work and a higher chance of failing live. The only live midi I tend to have is the main drum hit samples, everything else I have rendered as audio loops which I trigger with my APC40. I wish I knew how to make tutorial videos as this is something I feel I could do reasonably well. I hope the above makes sense and is of help!

    Hi there, I'm not sure how geared the Virus is for making Growling types of sounds, I think Massive does have one up on the Virus for that but the best tool for creating anything similar on the Virus would be to use the Vowel filter. You'll want to modulate the Filter with an LFO, please note because of the nature of how the envelopes work and how the Vowel filter works the Vowel filter cannot be modulated by an Envelope. The right work around for this would be to set an LFO in env mode so that it only does the one cycle..

    In regards to oscillators I think saw tooth wave are a good start, I'm sure you might be able to get some interesting effects applying the same modulation on parts of a wave table osc also. I'm not at my Virus at the moment so I can't try anything out but off the top of my head they might be some starting points. With the Growl being quite an aggressive sound some distortion will probably be needed.

    Another idea might be to modulate Low pass and High pass cut off filters with the same modulation, have them go in opposite directions, so that when the cut off for the low pass comes down the cut off for the high pass comes up and vice versa. Without having more of a play around I can't really attempt to help you any more there but if I was about to go to my Virus those would be the first things I'd try out before exploring different techniques, hope that's any use to you.

    Re sampling is something I've not done a massive amount of yet, but I'm interested in the idea, if nothing else it means I can take my outboard gear sounds onto my laptop when I'm out and about etc..

    Out of curiosity, how do you guys go about your re sampling techniques?

    Try turning everything else down, you'll probably find it's them that's too loud. You'll probably also find after you've put overdrive, eq and/or other effect processing after the Virus it'll be a bit louder anyways..

    I do not think its a good idea.

    1. People will crack the software
    2.. Everyone will use the virus

    Having to buy the hardware makes the virus much more exclusive.
    I mean look at the massive vsti,.
    "Everyone" uses it, and most people use the illegal version.

    I was very put off buying Massive for a long time simply because everyone was using it, and now I've bought it I don't find it as easy to program as the Virus!

    I've often wondered if they might release an FX vst pack so you can get the effects in your DAW, too. It might be a nice quick way of maximising the polyphony for some presets where the delay kills it, for instance.

    Not a bad idea, I quite like their Vowel Filter for example, I know it's possible to port external sound into the Virus to do this but that also eats up one of the Virus outputs

    Someone needs to remind me off this forum I think, I only really check it during my lunch breaks at work and I forget to look into things when I get home. So yeah someone get me on Facebook or something lol

    I've achieved similar sounds by simply using a saw based osc going through a band pass filter.

    Using LFOs have the pitch of the osc and cutoff of the band pass filter modulated, but going in opposite directions, I'll have to look into linking some sounds I achieved some months ago when i had a crack at this.

    I'll have to review how I've made some nasty Bass sounds with my Virus TI when I get home from work, I struggled at first but I still find my Virus loads easier to get phat sounds out of than the NI synths. I still like the NI synths though..