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    Okay Marc, I'm gonna have to call you out on this. This thread has been long dead, but I think my suggestion was a great one and a friend of mine shares my sentiments. He recently bought a Virus C, and I took the opportunity of borrowing it for a few days to copy off some old patches I had lying around in sound diver format and put them on my TI. He watched me going through all the parameters and trying to figure out what I was missing, and he got upset. He was like, "why don't they just give you some kind of printout of all the settings so you can just put them in?", and I thought, "EXACTLY!" This is a great idea. Now, sure, I could go ahead and do this with some convoluted script, but what if you guys change your format? Not to mention the fact that nobody else would be able to benefit from my hard work, unless I put it on sourceforge or something, and then I'd have to maintain it, etc. Comeon man, that's ghetto. This *is* a feature requests forum, and if we're just gonna tell everyone to go implement it themselves, then you might as well just put a message up saying "don't bother posting, because you can do it yourself!" Anyway, nothing but love and respect for Access music. Take it or leave it!

    Why didn't you export the sounddiver library to a MIDI file and put it into the patches folder for Virus Control?


    At least on my PC, the arps do not play in sync AT ALL under any circumstances with all 4 of my host processors enabled. Changing it to 1 processor in the Playback Engine is the ONLY way I can get the arps to play perfectly.

    Please use the latest version There are multiple changes that address the issues with PT and multicore systems.


    It's a shame the reverse process is not possible...

    To save SINGLE patches from an embedded multi, press [STORE] in Multi Mode, select the destination "Store Single Menu", hit Store and save the patch somewhere in the Virus. VC will sync it up next time.
    You can also dump the arrangement to your sequencer, store it as a MIDI file (Format 0), place it in the patches folder and access the patches via VC.

    Though Multi mode and Sequencer mode do have 16 parts and a range of similar parameters, they do work a bit different and are not compatible in both directions (which is one of the reasons their editing is not supported in Virus Control).


    There is a battery. You can change it. It is a CR2032 (if I recall correctly).

    Does this picture clear things up?
    [Blocked Image: ]

    Regarding the battery the TI1 and TI2 are the same.


    It Is that too difficult?, just allow you to save the 16 parts in to the Virus.

    On the Virus, press [STORE], select "->Multibuffer", press [STORE]. When you exit Virus Control, go to Multi Mode and press [STORE] again to store it to some multi location.


    Does the sound pursue when you are using the "Out 1 L+R"?
    Can you elaborate the situation you are experiencing this?


    If you want to install the 64bit drivers but both 32 and 64 bit controls do you need to run both installers?

    On 64 Bit Windows you only install the 64 Bit Installer. The 32 Bit installer will refuse to install anyways.
    The 64 Bit Installer also comes with the 32 Bit versions of the plugin (which are using the 64 bit driver to communicate to the Virus) in case you are running a 32 bit host on the 64 bit system (which is something we do not recommend).


    Anyone have any suggestions to remedy this???


    Never heard of such a thing. On startup, the installer tries to determine the folder where VST plugins should be installed (among other things). Maybe there is something corrupt on your harddrive and/or the filesystem (vague guess). To tell for sure, you should do this:

    • Place the installer MSI on your desktop
    • Run the commandline "cmd.exe"
    • type "cd desktop" and press enter
    • type
      1. msiexec /i "Virus TI Software Installer.msi" /l* install.log

      (don't type the '1')

    • send an issue report including the "install.log" file to the access support

    Then we can try to work it out.


    It shouldn't be that way, but you need to provide some more info about the setup you are using (what host, buffer sizes, soundcard etc), possibly a small project demonstrating the problem. With all this information you should also address support directly, so they might troubleshoot the settings ( I think it is only a settings issues, but to tell for sure, please contact support ).

    for a first step into the right direction, check if it also happens if you are using the Virus as ASIO/CoreAudio soundcard.


    - If you upgrade to the latest OS, will tracks that were written using the older version still work seamlessly when opened? Will all the samples/patches still be assigned, using the same outputs, etc?


    - I noticed on the site There's either BETA Version OS or RELEASE Version OS Which one would users recommend? What are the main differences here?

    The current release version, right now available.

    - Does either of these upgrades include more USB outs? That's the main feature I'm after really. I think I once heard talk of it being increased to 3 or 4 USB outputs instead of the 2 I have, but I'm not sure if that happened.

    3 USB Outs.

    - Any patches I've installed on the Virus, will they still remain after an upgrade? Or if not, when I reinstall them afterwards, will old tracks that references those patches automatically still be 'connected'?

    The RAM content is untouched. If you are using Virus Control, all patches are stored in the song, apart from that, some ROM banks are added, but not modified.


    Everything is o.k., but how do i transfer a complete bank to the ti through the virus control plugin opened in cubase ??? I only can dump single sounds to the ti from within the virus control (double cklick on a single sound transfers the sound to the ti, no problem).

    Go to the "BROWSER" page in the plugin, select "Virus TI/RAM A" in the upper bank selector, select a bank in the lower bank selector. Then click on the first entry in the lower patch table, hold down SHIFT and click on the last entry. Now all entries are select. Just drag&drop the entries to the upper patch table (drop it on the first entry) and the patches get transfered to the Virus, done.

    Auf der Browserpage in der oberen Bankauswahl die RAM-Bank auswählen, in der unteren eine Bank auf der Platte. Dann unten einfach alle Patches auswählen und mit Drag&Drop nach oben schieben, die Patches werden dann in den Virus übertragen.

    Siehe auch Seite 14 im Tutorial für Virus Control.


    The TI software has no such an error message. Please address support directly so the issue can be checked. Please add as much information as possible about your system (like using "msinfo32" to create an NFO file about it).