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    The only way I know is using the Search function (bottom most button left of the display): There you can select a category, and then step through the patches which belong to that category with the Value/Progam buttons.

    If you just press Shift, the function of the Value 1 - 3 encoders changes to Category / Bank / Program, which let you scroll through the list of Banks and Programs (patches), but I don't understand what should happen when scrolling through the Categories.

    Some more info on this issue:

    Several weeks ago I managed to get the ROM banks Desktop restored to the TI2 presets... BUT I am not sure what I did to make it happen:
    After having updated it to OS, I did downgraded to and again upgraded to twice within about two weeks. I think during the second downgrade/upgrade cycle, the OS upgrade failed and the synth needed to be started into Update mode manually and get upgraded through VCC instead of the Virus Software Installer.

    When I started the VCC then, the display was different than with any runs before:
    Previously it always had recognized my TI2 Desktop as "TI Desktop" displaying the icon for the TI1 Desktop (wood sides). Being new to the whole Virus TI line, I wasn't really bothered about this, but thought it was purely cosmetic. But then, after the failed OS upgrade, the VCC recognized my Desktop as "TI2 Desktop" displaying the icon for the TI2 Desktop!
    After that OS update, the restore was done properly and the ROM banks contained the TI2 presets.

    However, my Darkstar is reconized as "TI2 Polar", which is the correct machine, but still gets the TI1 ROM banks on restore...

    It depends on the routing and filter balance. And also on the filter type. No filter completely shuts of the sound: It's always a slope from the filter cutoff frequency. AFAIK, most classical synth LP filters have the lowest cutoff frequency at 20 Hz, which means that this frequency will still come through with unaltered level (depending on the Q factor, either less or even more). You can try that out with the 4 different Analog Filters modes: The fully closed 1 pole filter still lets a lot come through, while you'll just get a low bass with the 4 pole filter.

    Regarding the Komplete Audio 6: It's odd that it is glitchy in Ableton Live. In my opinion and experience it's one of the most reliable and stable external USB sounds cards out there. Never had a single problem with it for over 3 years using it as soundcard for everything on the Mac (Cubase, Ableton, MainStage, Machine, iTunes, Mac OS X System, etc). You should not need to buy a different sound card. Maybe check the audio buffer settings in Ableton Live.

    Regarding the Sub 37: Great synth, go for it!

    I have mine hooked up to input 1 of the Virus and enjoy using the effect section of the Virus in Seq Mode oder Multi Mode. However, I don't know how well it will work if the Virus is also used as sound card. My feeling is it could overload the Virus CPU or add too much overall latency to be useful for playing the Sub 37 and Microbrute.

    More Gary Numan like sounds as e.g. Polymoog, Minimoog, Phasersounds

    Do you mean exact replicas of Numan sounds, ready to cover the songs?
    Beacuse IMO, you can do typical Moog like sounds with little effort, if you know the Moog characteristics and follow the Synthesizer Programming Tutorials. Maybe it's obvious, but key is to use the Analog 4 Pole LP mode for Filter 1.

    you can do this on every Virus. the question is why you need to do that ... ?

    I ran into it while I was auditioning sounds on the Desktop without a keyboard attached... happens pretty easily that way when flicking through sounds and trying out how they sound in different octaves.

    If that's not the intended use of the Audition function, then the question goes back: What's the intended use of that feature and why does it break the synth that easily?

    Funny. Until yesterday, mine was on Local=On when I switched it on. Today, it is stuck on Local=Off. ?(

    I found the following solution here on the forum:

    I have noticed that the keyboard automatically sets the Local Control: OFF after connecting the USB.

    Plugging the USB cable in auto-switches Local=Off, unplugging the USB cable auto-switches to Local=On.

    I think the problem is that the encoder only produces 127 distinct values. And for pratical purposes, you can always use different subdivisions (1/8 or 1/2 instead of 1/4). However, I was irritated by the limited tempo range as well and would welcome if tempo could be set in a wider range -- which would enable the Virus to become the master clock for a whole MIDI setup.

    Is it possible to modulate the phase of one oscillator, using the pitch and detune of another oscillator?

    IOW, how can I acheive the same effect as MASSIVE offers with the Modulation Oscillator, detuned and set to Mod Phase of OSC 1?

    If it only happens once, I generally assume to have changed the value without wanting to.... happened to me a couple of times alredy when I was busy changing parameters using the hardware and accessing the secondary function of an encoder by pressing shift at the wrong moment. Or maybe some other MIDI controller sent events that control Initial Phase on the Virus.... (I had something similar happening where the arp rate of the Sub 37 changed the pan/spread on the Virus... confused the hell outta me!)

    If the phenomenon happens again, repeatably, you'll probably find out why.