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    it sound alright until that kick comes in (Arizona). WIth a beter kick it will be a much beter track. The others sounds cool. Can't describe the type of music but it's easy to listen to although i have that with almost all music. :thumbsup:

    Hello again! :)

    This isn't the best mixxed track i've made but he, i only got one ear to hear with so mixxing isn't up to me anymore.
    Can use some feedback because this track is far from finished but thats where the idea's from you can help.
    You can listen at:




    Please if you realy don't like what you hear let me know! Post your feedback, throw your rotten tomatoes at me! but please let me know something. I see no feedback as the worst feedback there is so i rather have rotten tomatoes at my face. :)

    Compliments always welcome ofcourse, :D but above all directions and advise are most welcome.

    wow that sucks dude! I had it onces that i lost my VC, not realising that i threw the VC out of my way so i could edit a track. In my excitement i put it so far out that i couldn't retreive it from the bottom and wasn't able to see it. Until i changed my resolution and i was saved. But for you reso is not working as well eh, damn...

    You sure you did try 800 x 600 resolution and after that moving up to your highest possbile?

    I am using win7 x64 and Cubase 5 latest update as host. Latest update x64 for my TI polar. Indead if you want to move your drawingboard it has a little lag but for the rest there are no problems at all!
    Ok i use a mad computer with superspeed, maybe thats the difference compared to others experiencing this lag.

    If you are not using much other plugs from the good ol 32bit era then you are fine to go and try out the x64, but most other older vst's are not working properly for me (not legal ofcourse).

    THe fine thing i realised when i used the 64 access plugin for the first time is that i finaly didn't get bottlenecked by the streaming capacity of the virus TI. Now it can have more reasons for me as i finaly use a solid state disk to operate from but i sill write my files to another disk that is just an ide. But i can just put 8 huge sounds with all kinds of effects in a track without any of them dropping even onces (haven't tried more yet).



    lololol i have beter ways to waste my time dude! This is redicalous! Post only songs, not your first hands on video. haahaha

    Then i guess you installed the 32bit version on your 64bit os system. WHen i did that i had similar problems (or actualy have at this very moment). When i installed it for the first time on win7 x64 with x64 driver i had no problems but for all other plugs that aren't compatible with x64 os.

    Try change your install and remove t he 32bit and go for 64bit then your problem about latecy and slow vc is solved.

    try resetting your first one and then see if it is still different. :) I personaly think you have made the adjustment yourself on your first Polar. I doubt it is a factory bug or fault.

    i was only able to listen to your song through my laptop that realy has good sound for a laptop though. I don't realy understand people talking about your mix. ok you can always do it beter but it sound realy good. hihat is not to hard as the guy said, thats just a mather of taste.

    overal the song is complete, for the mix you can always do it beter, try reading "the mixing engineer's handbook second edition by Bobby Owsinski. That will help you understand how to mix and what not.


    Mono that is terrible advice,
    The poor guy will be wasting hours waiting for the Ti OS updates to finish.

    Go straight to the newest non-beta release OP.

    actually it is not really an advice Raz. He was letting me think he couldn't go straight to the last update. Therefor i told him that another user which i also replied on had a similar issue. This person couldn't install the latest update on his new TI. I at least let him know what i know because nobody else at that time was even paying attention to his question. :)