How to Automate parameters that don't readily let you automate

  • If you right click on just about any parameter in the VC you can automate it.
    But what about the parameters you cant immediately affect?

    Heres a specific example:

    If I wanted to automate the change in LFO rate what whould I do?

    Is this where the matrix comes in?

    I bet I can send the LFO rate to something else that I can automate. Right?

  • i assume that you're working with ableton live 8?
    - right click on LFO rate in Virus Control and choose "Add LFO 1/Rate" to automation
    - click on "unfold device parameters" for the virus control device settings
    - click on configure (so it becomes green) and then change the value of LFO1 in Virus Control
    - now you will see a green field "LFO1 Rate" indicating that Live is ready to automate that LFO

    on other hosts, this is easier btw.

    hth, marc

  • Thanks for the response but it is just not letting me right click.

    I can automate all the other parameters by adding them this way.

    And yes, Ableton.

    I've never done it but could I set up another knob to control LFO rate then automate that?

    Is that what the matrix is all about?

  • Can you assign LFO rate to a soft knob? I am unsure as I have never tried.

    As well, are you using the VST2, or the VST3 version of Virus Control? I ask because I noticed the VST3 version doesn't let you right click and add parameters to the automation list as they are all listed by default and just need to be found in the long list in your tracks automation listing.

  • Hey that's a good Idea I'll try it when I get home.
    But why would you be able to assign it to a soft knob but not assign the knob itself?

    Probably Vst3 cuz there is the long automation list, although not all the parameters are there, I can assign them though with a right click,
    but this is where my problem lies. I can add any automation I want-EXCEPT-for the ONE I want.

    I'm still unsure about the mod matrix I just haven't figured it out. My guess is the mod matrix will be the key.