Viper vst on Mac?

  • Currently there is only a Windows compatible VST version. it should run in a vmware parallels windows installation and vst host or DAW. I can't judge how good or bad it is.

    There are other ways to do this virtually: Windows VST Plug-ins on macOS

    Another possibility is a Windows notebook or PC running Viper. e.g. If you have Ableton: Sync with Ableton Link (or any Link-enabled DAW or software), MIDI capable sound interface (preferably USB or Firewire) and feed the audio signal into your Mac.

    (MIDI is only necessary if you want to use MIDI from your Mac)

    If you don't own a full Ableton license, even an Ableton Lite version that often comes with hardware bundles is sufficient.

    For the use of Ableton Link, I recommend using a wired network connection instead of Wi-Fi.

    I use old notebooks for a single VST synth.

    and feed the audio signal into my mac pro with a RME FireFace 800

    Audio Interface of the Notebook is an NI Komplete Audio 6 (MK1)

    This means you can use a wide variety of operating systems to keep old hardware alive :) Without having to do everything with just a single host and virtual installation.