• the ability to shape the attack and decay on both envelops to gain a softer or plucked shape would be cool

  • hey woodster77,

    this is possible ever since. refering to the "programming analog synths" tutorial,
    here is an example:
    eg you want a plucky decay,

    - take an "init" or any patch and set the "Amp Env Sustain" to zero (so the effect is most obvious);
    - go to "Matrix" and set "Amp Envelope" as source and "Amp Env Decay" as destination and
    - turn the slot-amount about halfway down,

    now when you play a note you will notice that the amp decay curve has a concave character.
    respectively, if you turn the slot-amount up, you will get a convex envelope shape.

    note that turning up the slot-amount has the opposite effect when changing the attack-curve, but
    the principle remains the same.
    of course, this also works for the filter-envelope.

    best regards, gravity

  • i agree that it would be more elegant to just bend the envelopes to the desired shape,
    but i don't see anything unsafe about the existing method...

    however, you could have cleared things up that you're asking for an alternative in the first place

  • recursive mod is good. But when I look to DECAY it isn't linear drawn. It already has some character with it. It would be maybe better to make it linear to and then if you want a convex or concave one. To start from a linear one.

    I Also would be very happy if they could be shaped in vstmode :D

    Don't get me wrong... I already am very happy... Just try to brainstorm a little here...

  • Recursive mod eats up one modulation slot in the matrix.
    It is also not an intuitive way shaping the envelopes - it's a pure technical approach you have to know about.

  • I have to say I was totally shocked when I learned that the virus doesn't have a envelop for modulating parameters......using the lfo in envelop mode just doesn't give you the same control, at least not without going though a whole bunch of hoops......why did access omit such a basic feature???

  • Didn't Access say that recursive modulations are no longer supported? Thought I saw Marc mention something about that a couple months back... Ah, here it is:

    "recursive modulation was always considered to be a trick which never was officially supported. it works in most cases but in some, it might not. back in the days when the tutorial was written, the virus was a lot simpler and therefore the chance of side effects was much smaller.

    best, marc"

  • I spend most of my time making leads, so the envelopes I have do me very well. However, when I have tried to make more SFX type presets or atmospheric pads/layers I do find that the time variation is somewhat limited - sure the LFOs can give periodic variation, but a 3rd envelope could give a nice progression to the whole affair. The LFOs in envelope mode do give this to a certain extent, but mostly by tinkering with a sawtooth envelope - it is very limited and hard to get an ADSR type structure to it...

  • me 2 bud
    ive suggested thatr the arp to matrix function could be expanded to have a drawn envelope over a timeline sort of affair if you get me
    like absynth