Sidechaining / VST3 VC

  • I noticed in the patch notes for the latest upgrade that the following text no longer appears next to the version number:

    "Audio side chaining is currently not supported in Steinberg Cubase.
    The VST3 version shouldn't be used in a productive environment."

    Does this now mean that audio sidechaining IS now supported and the VST3 version is considered stable enough to use?

    If so, is sidechaining only supported in the VST3 or can it be used in either versions under Cubase 5?

  • cubase doesn't support instrument side chaining, independently of VST3 or not. there is nothing we can do about that. i believe that the majority of users is still using VST2 which of course lowers the chance that it is entirely bug free. at the same time, we don't get complains in regards of the VST2 vs. VST3 version, so it seems okay of the most of us. one important aspect is that in the transition of 64 bit it is advisable to start working with VST3 plug-ins. only those will survive in the long run and as you might know, cubase doesn't automatically open the VST3 version, in case the VST2 version of a plug-in is not present anymore ...

    hth, marc

  • never gonna happen in Cubase 4 & 5, thank Steinberg for this

    but you can do it in Ableton, and ableton doesn´t even work with vst3

  • I was under the impression it did support this due to the statement on the cubase website:

    "The revolutionary VST standard recently reached a new stage with the release of VST3, a groundbreaking new version with a host of new capabilities, including sidechaining, dynamic I/O management and enhanced CPU efficiency."

    Very misleading and dissapointing from Steinberg there, this played a big part in my decision to purchase Cubase 5 :(

  • it's really about reading the fine print. side chaining for virtual instruments versus side chain inputs for insert effects. it took us some valuable time to figure that one as well. we were excited about having side chain on board only to find out that it is a can of worms in most hosts. the unfortunate truth is that there is barely a host with has a 100% working implementation.

    best, marc

  • Im confused, the latest FL Studio wrapper beta is supposed to support VST3, but there is nothing i can do to get it to load the VST3 version of VC... I guess i might be doing something wrong, but what?